March 5, 2012

Mustard Seed

This knit top and skirt were projects two and three from February. Aren't you terribly proud of me? I've made my goal for January and February and well, that makes me seriously happy. Not only that, but here you see that I've actually made an outfit! Now that takes skill, friends. Skill.

Let's talk the top first. McCall's 6513. I LOVE this top. I've got to make myself another one. I was so happy with the way it turned out. The idea to make a top like this sprung into my head from Kristin over at K-line. After her navy blue number I went out in search of the Vogue pattern she used and of course, found it sold out locally. I happened upon this McCall's number immediately after as I was flipping through the pattern books. Match made in heaven.

It's made from a stable heathery grey knit that I got from Yellow Bird. I get tons of compliments when I wear this top - even Mr. S likes it! In fact, he LOVES it. I could wear this thing everyday. Yup! I should have a pattern review up by the end of this week if you're interested in making it up yourself and would like to read a review. The pattern had a few quirks, no more than usual. But, you know.

Now for the skirt. The skirt was an experiment really. It's my own pattern draft and it's a gored little thing. I've been having serious accordian pleat skirt envy and though I know this is not an accordian pleated skirt, I was thinking of a way to have one made up in a natural fiber. If you don't know, accordian pleated skirts are usually synthetic - polyester, nylon, etc. -  and many are chemically treated to hold a pleat and well, I don't have access to pre-pleated fabric, much less chemicals to hold pleats. Whatever. This baby is made from wool crepe - another purchase from Yellow Bird. By the way, have I ever mentioned that I adore wool crepe? Maybe not, but I do. It's such a gorgeous fabric in my humble opinion. I seriously think the world of it. So when I found it in this mustardy yellow color, I had to have it.

Again, this skirt is gored and then for added kicks I stitched a tuck down the center of each gore and pressed it to one side. I have to admit, the result is totally cool and reminds me so much of the 70's era. The color, style and drape give it that great retro vibe. It may not exactly be an accordian pleated skirt, but I'll still give it high marks as it turned out rather interesting. Dontcha think?

I thought I would try something new here too and give you all the link to the pattern or similar pattern used and a link to a similar fabric plus all the extras. I've seen this on style blogs and I love it! So if you have to have one of your own, here goes:

Knit Blouse - McCall's 6513 - similar cloth
Skirt - self drafted (similar pattern) - similar cloth

March is going to be seriously busy around here! I'm excited that I'll be participating in some sewing excitement around the blogsphere. Anyway, what's on your sewing table for March? I'm just about to finish up my version of the Darling Ranges dress. Think elephants. Navy. You know, the usual.

Kiss Kiss,
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