February 20, 2012

Sweetheart Blouse

This blouse has been done for a time, but I haven't had the opportunity yet to wear it. It's too chill outside and I'm sure it will be for quite a bit longer here in Utah and it just doesn't do to wear a sweater over the top of it. Awww, well. This is a copycat blouse that I directly stole from Lauren. It's the Violet from Colette made up in cotton swiss dot. I was actually a pattern tester for this pattern and after making a muslin of it, I put it away for another day. Seeing Lauren's version made me think of this swiss dot I already had in my stash and from there I knew I had to have one. Plus it was a perfect opportunity to get out my recently perfected bodice sloper and use it to alter the pattern to fit me perfectly. More on this to come - promise!

Having made this bodice sloper and taken a class on how to use it, I could see exactly where my problems in this blouse would be. It was positively brilliant. I had to made a serious adjustment to the yoke and back bodice panels - added a whole 1.5" back there. I raised the armscye a bit, pointed the dart more heavenward, beveled out the side seams a little and added some length overall. It totally fits perfectly and I didn't even make a muslin of the changes. Hah! Now how's that for bravery?

It's adorned with sweet yellowish flower buttons and looks rather sweet paired with jeans or my Sew Grateful Skirt. Plus it's white and I've needed a white button up for ages. Twill be perfect for summer. The swiss dot was purchased very long ago - I can't even remember where and is rather sheer. However, I was up for something sheer this time. I've been loving some of the sheer blouses that have come out recently and I've wanted one for awhile. I'm working on a silk crepe de chine camisole to go underneath and should have it finished up by the end of this week, I think. I'm very excited!

Overall, I'm very happy with how this blouse turned out. What do you think? It's a very "sweet" sort of design and gives me a bit of the "child at heart perk" as Mr. S would say. Once the camisole is finished, I'll give you a proper model of it, OK? Alright.

What are you up to for Spring sewing? I'm brainstorming some ideas we could all work on together. Maybe like a contest or something. What do you think?

Spring Dreams,
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