February 3, 2012

Stitching Spotlights - 2/3/2012

I'm so happy its Friday today. No, really, I'm completely unbelievably happy about this fact. I'm looking forward to some great February-ness this month and I'm seriously excited to get a bit of a headstart on it today and on through my weekend. Do you have any great plans for February? A Valentine's Day retreat perhaps?

Next week is Sew Grateful Week via My Happy Sewing Place and I for one am going to participate. I plan to do a giveaway and show off a garment too. I'm extremely sew grateful and it will be fun to share in the love! I look forward to seeing what others post too. Are you going to participate? I do believe we've got lots to celebrate in the sewing web-o-sphere. There's so much going on all the time and more and more folks are taking up the craft of sewing. Ain't it great?!!

I also picked Debi's (My Happy Sewing Place) lately finished 30's Birthday Dress Suit as this week's spotlighted garment! It's such a beauty and Debi knows just how to pull off these beautiful pieces with such panache. Is it just me or does she have one wicked smile? It's like she knows something that we don't. Gah! Debi, you torture me with these beautiful, authentic period pieces! Gorgeous and Happy Birthday!

I don't usually wear hats, but this post from Solanah is fascinating and so awesome to me. She also posted about how to decorate a hat pin! She's such a stellar hat-ier! Totally inspiring and fun. I find hats to be a rather provocative accessory. Something about how it casts a shadow on the eyes you know.

More inspiration catching my eye this week:
✂ Isn't this dress rather lovely? Based on Burda Style's Danielle no less.
✂ Don't miss out on Megan Nielsen's brand new addition to her sewing pattern line! The Banksia top is sure to be a winner in your closet!
✂ I loved these photo tips for taking great outdoor shots!
✂ I'm dying over these silk print fabrics from the 20's. Couldn't someone please reproduce some of these? Hint, Hint! HINT!
✂ Casey's two seam top is over-the-top! Not to mention she totally looks darling in it too!
Duane's shirt is exquisite! I'm loving it combined with his vest and watch to boot.

A very Happy Friday to you today!

wink and a smile,


  1. Eeee! Thanks ever so much for including my pink top! ;) You're a doll!

  2. I LOVE Debi ! She is amazing at her craft (as are you and Casey too !!). Cant wait to see your 'reveal' !
    Like you I relish the sewing community and am often blown away by the generosity of fellow bloggers. I want to give something back as I am sew grateful - so I am also hosting a giveaway on Monday 6th Feb.
    Love the hat BTW - I think the colour would be fab on you

    K xx

  3. Thank you for doing the Stitching Spotlights! I look forward to them :)

  4. Awwww...thanks SO MUCH for featuring me! I'm so happy you'll be participating in the Sew Grateful Week! Should be loads of fun :) xoxoxoxo

  5. Sunni I adore Debi and her blog and she drives me crazy with her ability to use those old patterns and her choice of fabrics. I have more times than I can tell you copied her!! I have two projects lined up right now she made and inspired me. Solanah and the hats, how I wish I could get hold of hats like she posts, oh my I love them. And cute little Casey I love what she does too, so darling and talented to boot. Nan

  6. Thanks Sunni for bringing the highlights and the things that are catching your eye! They are such great tidbits. Also I love Casey's 2 seam top- but really, that gal would look fantastic in a burlap bag!! She is darn cute!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Great round-up Sunni. Thanks for the link to the Megan Nielsen Banksia pattern. I ordered it straight away - it's perfect! x

  8. Hey, glad you liked the Stehli Silks prints - and I'm already working on reproducing one or two of them!

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny

  9. Gah! I'm delighted to hear it! I'll be looking forward to seeing them show up - Spoonflower by chance?

  10. [...] direction!  But this week I am making an extra effort to give back.  After visiting Sunni’s A Fashionable Stitch I discovered  ”Sew Grateful Week” that the lovely Debi from My Happy Sewing [...]


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