February 8, 2012

Sew Grateful Skirt

Sew Grateful Week has been fabulous, hasn't it! Yay! If you haven't, jump over to Debi's blog where she's consolidated much of the goings on and given you all links to some great sew gratefulness out there.

Ever since I saw Casey's Ginger skirt version - a great vintage-ish denim number - I knew I had to have one just like it. I've been in dire need of a denim skirt. Seriously dire. Especially as my lifestyle now is more laid back and wearing casual clothing is becoming more and more of a necessity. Since I wear my denim shirtdress so much - and this only since the beginning of January - I felt that adding more denim pieces to my wardrobe would be a great idea. Adding this skirt has been no exception.

I didn't differ too far from Casey's version. I used her clever pocket tutorial, but left out the buttons and opted to topstitch heavy thread a top the pockets, waistband and hem. Originally, I started out using a plain old denim needle from the stash to topstitch, but soon found that as I really wanted doubled stitching lines and the single needle was making a serious mess of the a double stitching line, I went in search of a twin needle. I had read about twin needles somewhere, and I actually have one and I've used it before on my knit top. But twin needles can come in different widths and I wanted one that was wider than the one I had. Got one and used it here on this skirt and Voila! perfectly spaced twin topstitching lines.

I hope you guys have had a seriously good week. My Sew Grateful week has been a fairly good one. I watched a favorite movie last night - Romancing the Stone. I'm such a sucker for Kathleen Turner and even more of a sucker for Michael Douglas. Ha! And I've been working on a blouse - another copycat. It'll be done soon and then I'll show it off. Thanks to everyone who has already entered the Sew Grateful Giveaway! Your comments have been swell to read and keep bringing a serious smile to my face. If you haven't entered, you've still got a couple more days, so don't miss out.

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