February 2, 2012

Same Song, Second Verse, Just as Good as the First

Friends, you know I'm almost right on quota for last month. Everything has just seemed to fall in place and the stars have aligned. Here's garment no. 2 for the month of January - no. 3 is coming right up. Meet my second version of the shirtdress - Green with Envy! She's made of an emerald green rayon ponte knit that I got from Yellow Bird Fabrics. All round, I'm pretty delighted with this version. I changed up the sleeve a bit and made some fitting adjustments for the bodice given the fact that this is a knit. I took Lauren's advice for this from when I posted about my first attempt at knits. She warned that all knits are different and to stretch them to fit, which I did. The result took out all of the built in ease in the sleeve and side seams - and you all remember my deal with putting my arms in front of me comfortably. Go figure. Stretch fabrics are awesome that way, especially when they have great cross-grain stretch with little to no straight grain stretch.

The only thing better than feeling like a rockstar in this dress is that I swear I'm wearing pajamas. Good heavens this thing is comfortable. Not only that but I've never been especially fond of this particular shade of green and I have no idea why. It does some divine things for my coloring, dontcha think?

I made the belt using this as my inspiration for it. It keeps closed with a couple of snaps. It totally reminds me of some sort of cake confection. I'm happy with that - most times I tend to overdo this type of thing but here its just a brilliant accessory. Just enough, you know.

I'm pretty proud of myself and this dress. Sigh. What can I say? I get all sorts of looks when I wear it. Mr. S says it will most definitely come in handy around St. Patrick's Day and I have to agree. In fact, he could probably just ship me off to Ireland and I would fit right in, red hair and all.

With that Friends, have an early St. Patty's Day Irish Coffee on me. PS ~ Happy Groundhog Day! Yay!

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