February 26, 2012

a Cheater's Guide to Setting in a Sleeve

It's a brand new week! Yay! Friends, I'm sorry I missed Stitching Spotlights last week. I missed a lot of things really, including sleep. I had serious insomnia - something I've not had quite like that before. I somehow managed 6 hours of sleep between 3 nights and finally I broke down last Thursday and just tried to sleep for a day. It was awful! Gah! But, now I'm sleeping, so who knew? Crazy.

For my Sweetheart Blouse, I set the sleeves in differently than any pattern directions have ever told me. Awhile back, I took apart a RTW shirt for Mr. S and refit it for him and found that it had been constructed differently. In fact it had been constructed more brilliantly believe it or not, with a lot more maneuverability.

So, the next time you try your hand at setting in a sleeve, have a go at this method. First leave the side seams on the bodice and the underarm seams of the sleeve un-stitched. You'll need to have your bodice front and back stitched together at the shoulders. Also have your easing or gathering stitches on the sleeve ready.

Now, pin your sleeve to the armscye. Stitch. Press. Finish the seam allowances. Do your thing. Now you can stitch the side seams and underarm sleeve seam in one fell swoop.

Now, hit the "that was soooooo much easier" button in metaphysical space and give yourself a pat on the back. None of this ridiculous sewing a hole into another hole which is so crazy hard to maneuver - at least for me. Plus I get way less puckers doing it this way (if any at all) and it's way easier to press. Take that sleeve. Take. That.

your sewing partner in crime,
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