January 12, 2012

Victory Patterns ✂ an Interview

Dearest Friends! I'm delighted to give it up to Kristiann Boos, the creator and owner of Victory Patterns today. I happened upon Victory Patterns through Lizz of A Good Wardrobe, when over the holidays, she had posted a running list of independent pattern companies. Thanks Lizz! I promptly downloaded some patterns and sent Kristiann an email asking if she would indulge me and give me an interview to share with you! She's a lovely gal of which you'll see below, and she's even got a sweet gift to give in the end! Don't miss out on 15% off Victory Patterns when you enter SUNNIDAY (all caps please) in the coupon code at checkout (please note that this code is only good for the Victory Patterns Big Cartel site)! Yay! Sale lasts until January 19th. Hurry over and pick up a pattern or two! Want 3 patterns or even the whole collection? Hop on over to the Victory Pattern Etsy store where you can purchase these in already discounted bundles (please note that the above discount code will not work for the Etsy shop)! I'm sure you're going to love her offerings! Now get to know Kristiann a little better:

Will you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background? When did you first pick up the needle and thread?

Hi, I'm Kristiann and I live in Toronto where I design PDF sewing patterns at Victory Patterns. I have a background in fashion design and teaching and I'm addicted to making things!  As a kid I always kept myself occupied with re-purposing random stuff I found laying around the house. We had an old sewing machine and some unwanted clothes so I managed to patch together a few projects. As a result of my self taught skills and weird imagination, I think I was a weirdly dressed kid, wearing shirts out of towels and pants out of curtains.  I was so excited when I got to take a home economics class in school. We got to pick our own pattern and I made a floor length purple velvet cape with a giant hood like belle wore in Beauty And The Beast. Where was my mom in all of this mess? That's how it all started, and over the years I got better, I hope?!

What prompted you to create Victory Patterns? Where do you see your pattern company headed in the next few years?

For the past few years I have taught at a lovely sewing studio in Toronto called the Workroom, and I have seen that the interest in sewing has grown so much, and is continuing to grow. I saw people flocking to the Japanese dress books, and despite the instructions being in Japanese, they were just dying to have some cute projects to sew. I realized there was room in the market for some stylish sewing patterns and I decided to create my own line. The patterns allow me to develop a "clothing line" with the means I have at the moment, and I may want to take that further as time goes on. I want to keep developing more patterns and I'd love to put out some handbag and accessory PDF's. I'm contemplating creating printed patterns, working on made to order pieces or producing a very small clothing line, and developing a textile collection. Time will tell.

Your designs have a lovely retro feel, but with a wonderful modern twist. What inspires you? Favorite designer/style icon?

I'm inspired by the vintage styles and I really love everything from the 20's to the 70's. There are so many designers that I love, but some of my favorites are McQueen, Nicolas Ghesquiere, Jeremy Laing, Marc Jacobs and Lauren Moffat for really wearable stuff. I love looking at interesting garment details and various drafting techniques and integrating these things into wearable, feminine clothing.

When I think of a style icon, I think of my mom in the 70's. She was (and still is) such a beautiful lady with such great style. Her mom used to have her clothes made for her, and I still have a few pieces. They are all so gorgeous and delicate, and I love that they were hand made! Sometimes I imagine her when I design.

Do you sew for yourself these days? Working on anything for yourself right now?

Sad to say, it's been a while since I've had the time to sew for myself. Luckily, with Victory Patterns, the samples fit me, so it's like getting a whole new wardrobe, but I have lots of things in my head that I wish I had the time to make. My sewing to do list right now consists of altering a growing mountain of vintage clothing I've collected. It's haunting me!

What are your favorite sewing materials? Favorite fabric/cloth?

I love working with leather and silk. Anything you make with either material always looks amazing! Leather can be crafted in so many ways and gains character with age. Silk looks and feels beautiful, it takes dye in the best way, and I love to paint it!

Thanks for having me, and I hope you enjoy the Patterns!!!

Thank you Kristiann!

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