January 10, 2012

the Dress that Nearly Killed Me!

Here it is. That dress. Pretty cute huh? I'm so completely in love with it, that I'm just about to cut out another - in an emerald green ponte knit. So, I already told you much of the background on this dress, you know, perfect fit and all that. I'll cover my findings on how I went about fitting the bodice with the sleeve later on. For now, here's some more fun facts and ideas for you:

The skirt of this is none other than the Sewaholic's Lonsdale (Tasia, you now have complete monopoly on my skirts). I went for an above the knee length and have to admit, above the knee looks better on me than below the knee for this particular style.
The skirt section is interlined in a whale of a print flannel (meaning there's whales on it, ha!), just for warmth. Well, and for fun cause I'm silly like that.
I also used the flannel as my stabilizer for the buttonhole placket and collar. Worked out wonderfully too.
The sleeve is my own design - besides taking the cap from Simplicity 2724. I managed to take out the fullness from the original design and tacked on a pretty cute tie embellishment to the bottom.

The buttons are hand covered buttons made with the wrong side of the fabric. I'm about to make a belt too, but you know, I was practically jumping out of my skin to show you this dress.
The fabric is a denim - almost a chambray type, lightweight - from Joann. The flannel was from Joann too. So were the hand cover buttons.
The collar was trimmed down to be shorter so that it could stand up instead of fall down. That means that the placket and lapel were thinned out too. Since I like my look better with the collar standing up, I flipped the stabilizer (the flannel in this case) to the undercollar instead of applying it to the upper collar. Have to say it makes a huge difference too - the collar stays up all day.

I stabilized the buttonhole placket with flannel, but the flip side - where the buttons are attached - is stabilized with a strip of rayon petersham, also from the shop. Hemmed it all up in petersham too.
My fingers went blue from the indigo dye every time I worked on this dress.
I feel rather Daphne-esque (Scooby Do, you know) in this dress, especially with my hair down, and I'm fine with that. Mr. S is not.

That's about it, I think. What do you think? Oh yes. I'm sure you are wondering if I can, indeed, put my arms out comfortably in front of me. Why yes. Yes, I can. It's a beauty, eh? After finishing this dress, I keep wondering why I haven't made more things in denim.  Do you even have any idea how easy this dress is to wear to anything? I've no doubt that I'll be wearing it, until it literally falls off my body. Classic. Timeless. Cute. Stylish. Comfortable too.

I know I'm a geek. It's totally OK if before these photos you didn't think I was, but now you know I am. It's a wonderful Wednesday! Thanks for tuning in to my show and tell.

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