January 5, 2012

Stitching Spotlights - 1/6/2012

The return of Stitching Spotlights! Yay! I used to do these and somehow stopped (how does that happen?). However, I decided that I absolutely have to start doing them again because there is just so much going on around the interwebs, I cannot be silent any longer! So let's start 2012 with a big of a bang, eh?

Mr. S, in all his wonderfulness, purchased a CD for me for Christmas that I just absolutely cannot stop listening to! Especially in my sewing room, as I start working on projects and getting business items for the shop done. Anyone ever heard of The Puppini Sisters? They are super fun. They've got some vintage, retro vibe/jive going on and truly its to die for. Here's one of my favorite tunes from their album The Rise and Fall of Ruby Woo - Soho Nights.

This week's spotlighted creation comes from Duane of The Japanese Pattern Challenge. Friends, this gentleman makes the most beautiful men's garments! Would you not agree that this pea coat is just to die for? Gosh, the tailoring is just amazing. Look at that collar, please notice the single welt pockets (those are not easy!) too. Flawless. Wool is merely magic for this man's hands.

I'm getting too excited not to share this new pattern company with you. I've sent a few interview questions to Kristiann Boos of Victory Patterns and will be posting that soon (jump over to Paunnet for a great interview!). Aren't these just delightful? What a great eye for lovely details and femininity. I'm quite sure you'll love her offerings. She's got 6 downloadable patterns out. Go ahead, have a look and start dreaming up your next project.

Speaking of patterns, heard about Your Style Rocks? They take line drawings from folks like you and me, have a contest and the winner's design gets made up into a sewing pattern. All the patterns are free! Be sure to check it out, join and I'm sure many of you would have great contributions!

More inspiring goodness catching my eye:
✂ Lauren posted about notching and the way she does it, which is the way I do it too - How Do You Notch?
✂ I, for one, am considering this "Vintage-Inspired, Modern Style Design Challenge" hosted by BurdaStyle & Amy Barickman. What about you?
✂ Tasia is gearing up for her newest design Minoru Sew Along. I definitely need a more casual jacket and this one fits the bill.
✂ Speaking of Sew Alongs, Sherry's just finishing up her "Ruby Slip" sew along, of which she's included a gorgeous free pattern to boot.
✂ Want to learn how to sew, but just have no idea where to start? Tilly has a fantastic series going on over on her blog. Do check it out!
✂ Do. Not. Miss. McCall's Month over at My Happy Sewing Place.


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