January 18, 2012

Inside Look at the Dress that Nearly Killed Me!

Many of you requested to see the inner workings and details of things I had mentioned but did not show pictures of for my shirtdress. I am more than happy to comply! Yay!

First of all, the whale print flannel that interlines the skirt. I'm quite sure that its a baby print. No matter. It adds some warmth to this little ditty of a dress. Apologies as it does look a little worse for the wear - the indigo dye from the denim did bleed a little as I was working on it and I've worn this dress about 5 times since its first appearance in my closet last week! I also used the flannel as the interfacing too. It was used in the collar and the buttonhole placket.

For the placket that contains the buttons, I used petersham ribbon to stabilize. I've seen this before on RTW garments and thought it would be a fun touch to add here. It's just a strip of the 3/4" petersham, that runs the length of where the buttons begin and end. I think for my next dress I'm going to use it for the whole length of the placket though. It just adds a little pop of something unexpected. There's petersham also in the hem, where I used my handy dandy tutorial for hemming a garment with petersham.

Let's see, I think that about does it as far as the details you didn't see. I'm actually trying to up the ante on inner construction details this year. I've been scouting out some RTW techniques and I love seeing sweet contrasts like piping, ribbons, interlinings and the like on the inside. It makes wearing the garment even that much more fun, I think, plus its a great way to use up scraps. What do you think? Do you think inner construction details count?

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