January 2, 2012

a Look Back at 2011

I've loved seeing the highlights of 2011 in review around the interwebs and decided to do my own here at A Fashionable Stitch. I've had many highlights this past year. I'll admit that for me, 2011 didn't start out really well, but it got better and better by the end. Looking back gives me so much excitement for what lies ahead - isn't that a strange feeling?

January 2011
The Trouser Sewalong!! It's hard to believe that was only a year ago - time seems to have just slipped right by. But it truly has been one full year since this month long endeavor. Trousers - easy peasy! Now look who's wearing the pants!

February 2011
This was a seriously big month for me! I announced my decision to go full-time at my small business. Plus I got some fabulous red patent leather shoes on sale for Valentines.

March 2011
I made my Buttercream Bow Blouse especially for a sweet guest post over on No Big Deal. From there I showed you how to make Handworked Buttonholes. I must say, I love the buttonhole stitch and I do believe that it ranks right up there with a catch stitch for me.

April 2011
My Birthday month! Yay! My little online shop was in full swing - where I changed names to A Fashionable Stitch. I also debuted my wrist pincushions (which reminds me that I need to work on updating these in the shop this week!). I also participated in the Sew Weekly's Common Thread series where I debuted my Modern Geisha dress.

May 2011
During this month I made the HUGE switch from The Cupcake Goddess to A Fashionable Stitch - which if you're interested, drop me an email and I'll give you my two cents on this rotten subject! That was hard, but we got through it. To celebrate this huge move, I hosted the Ginger Sewalong! Lovely friends - Sarai, Tasia, Casey and Gertie - played along and you all made some wonderful Ginger skirts! I'm so proud of you too.

June 2011
Seam Finishing Week happened this month! Yay! And there were some fun discussions on vintage sewing materials and sewing spaces and organization.

July 2011
Mr. S and I traveled up Ogden Canyon to Pineview Reservoir where I debuted my Retro Romper! I love that little romper. Makes a great date night outfit to the drive-in too.

August 2011
I aired my Beltmaking series! Mr. S put together some "Sewing Sounds." I quickly sewed up the Lonsdale and have decided that it has the most perfect skirt in existence as I've used it a few more times since then for other sewing projects.

September 2011

I flew to New York and helped put together the BurdaStyle ebook! And I met Casey from Elegant Musings - what a doll! She gave me a bound buttonholer which I'm determined to use quite soon! Plus I made up my clever little Clovers - which are such a hit! Love those little pants!

October 2011
Another favorite month! I mapped out my ideas for a coat - which I'm going to start working on soon! Eeek! We had a wonderful discussion on tissue fitting too. Mr. S and I started our move to a new place and most unfortunately my Grandma died. That's been hard - really hard - but I'm so happy that I have such a wonderful memories of this great lady! I also made my way to Florida, met Gertie and stitched up my very first knit!

November 2011
This month did seem somewhat like a wash for me as we were still recovering from our move here and my Grandma's death. Exciting things still happened though! Colette Patterns debuted their book and I was so excited to be apart of the blog tour! Yay! Plus there was excellent discussion on this wonderful method for cutting slippery fabrics and Grosgrain vs. Petersham.

December 2011
I debuted my Blanket Skirt and my Petersham Waistband Tutorial. Also finally got around to refashioning my vented lining tutorial. And though there aren't any posts of my holiday madness, I'm happy to say that I had a wonderful holiday season enjoyed with Mr. S, buttered rum, and delightful excursions here and there. I hope you did too!

Happy New Year Dearharts!

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