Who’s Buying? Huh?

Fabric Stash

Here is a total random thought, but its one I think of rather often. I was at Joann the other day and spotted a rather dashing piece of cotton lawn. That particular day, I didn’t have enough money to buy it and so I mentally reminded myself that I would check to make sure that the next time I had a few extra dollars, I would go and buy a length. I was pretty in love with it. The day came when I had a little extra pocket change and I went in to purchase some yardage of the beloved cotton lawn only to find that the bolt had but 1 1/2 yards left. Really not enough to suit the purpose for which I wanted the fabric in the first place (a dress). Sadly, I declined getting the 1 1/2 yards – my stash is enormous and getting a measly 1 1/2 yards to add to it without knowing what to do with it, is just plain silly.

This has happened on several occasions. Just recently with a pair of shoes too. All the size 8′s were gone. So here’s my question: Who’s buyin? You see, the weirdest thing is that I never see people wearing those same shoes that I wanted, or sewing up that fabric that I wanted either. Ever wonder that? Who are you and why when you’ve bought the cutest fabric and shoes, aren’t you utilizing them? I really want to know, because at least if I saw some of the really sweet things that I wish I could buy on someone else, I might feel a tiny bit better about loosing my chance at having them. Come now, its time to show yourselves. You know who you are. I want to know who you are too!

Ever found yourself thinking this predicament? Ever seen anyone actually utilizing that fabric you just couldn’t live without? Do tell!