Inspiring Me

This giveaway is now closed! Thank you for all your comments! One lucky winner will be announced February 15, 2011.

I’ve been reading my Simple Abundance. It’s a book that I read every year, on and off. I truly love this book and I truly believe that it can change your life and I also believe that it is one of the most misunderstood books out there. The reason I know this is because I find this book at my local thrift every time I go (which is usually weekly). I usually buy them too because I like giving them to friends. The books haven’t even been cracked and I seriously mean cracked, because I can tell that I’m the first one to crack the spine open to see if it’s been used. Strangely, I almost find this sad.

My rather tattered and beat up copy of Simple Abundance

This book was given to me by my mother in a time when depression was racking my life. She seriously urged me to read it, which I did and found that I was going about life all the wrong way. It was a serious eye opener for me. One I’ve never forgotten. This book takes you on a lovely journey through the wilderness of your soul and gives you ideas and activities of how to find those things that really speak to you and give you pleasure. One of the activities is to do a discovery journal – which is a collection of images and things that you find attractive.

It’s in that spirit that I’m presenting my inspiration journal. It’s something I’ve thought about for awhile since I’ve seen some rather lovely inspiration blogs on tumblr and such. Mine is connected to this, my personal blog, which I’ve found is easiest for me. It’s just collections of images, music and videos that I find appealing with little tidbits of my particular dialect. I was so impressed with myself for finally putting it together that I wanted to walk you through it. It’s called “Inspirations of a Redheaded Lady” and you’ll find the images to the posts on the right and the actual posts themselves on the left. Only one post shows at a time, so as not to overwhelm, but you can click on any image to the right and it will take you to the post that the image is in. You can click on the Categories/Archives which will take you the categories page and I thought it was rather clever to include that you can subscribe if you like, to specific categories. I’m inspired by many different things, which hopefully will inspire you too, but you might just want to be inspired by fashion or shoes or sewing. I hope to include music and videos and such too.

I have to say, it’s mostly something for me. But its fun to share inspirations with you too. Tis always better to give because you receive so much more back in return. Ha. ♥ Giveaway Alert ♥ To top it all off, I’m giving away one of my Simple Abundance thrifted books. It’s just like new. And if you are anything like me and ready to start excavating your own soul simply:

♥ Leave me a comment telling me what you’ve been inspired by lately ♥

Everyone, no matter where you live, is invited to enter. I’ll announce a winner come Monday. Ok? Ok.



  • mary - Sunlight has been encouraging me to shake off winter doldrums around here.

  • Sydney - This sounds like a really interesting book! I think we could all use a little bit of introspection every once and a while to remind us what we treasure about ourselves! I know lots of people are lately, but I’ve been really inspired thinking forward to spring. I live under a giant old Louisiana oak tree, so I’ve been thinking of how the sunlight kind of filters in between the branches in spring and makes little warm patches all around. Also, all the water birds on our nearby lake have been inspiring me lately too! I get to watch them dive and swim every day on my way to school.

  • Chardell - Lately, my inspiration has come from blogs, such as yours, that showcase women who are accomplishing amazing things in their lives. Lots of different topics, but I’ve found that everyone keeps working at things until they get them right, or at least what feels right to them. Helps me to remember that small steps everyday add up to a big finish.

  • - WOuld love to read this book. I have been through a divorce recently that I never saw coming and at the same time my only child left for college. I truly have empty nest syndrome. At 46 y/o Im not sure what to do with my life. I spent the last 26 years with my ex and not sure how to live on my own.
    Thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the wonderful clothes you make.

  • KajOz - I will move into a new appartment in April and seeing the new appartment all empty was so inspiring! I’m really looking forward to making it my new home!

  • lynne - Making a commitment to read through that book several years ago, when it was first published, was life changing for me. You can never go wrong with finding the blessings in your life when things are particularly challenging. Thanks for bringing this classic to us again.

  • Cindy Phelan - i am inspired by my daughter who has a language/auditory processing disorder. She deals with a lot of academic and social issues. I am so inspired by my ten year old’s strength and persistance to keep up and surpass many of her peers.
    You have peeked my interest in this book! thanks for sharing.

  • - Very nice giveaway. I think it’s so much easier to be happy in life, if you’re able to be inspired by the small things. The last thing that really inspired me was the Colette Valentine video (the beautiful pictures! the French song!) but any odd thing can inspire me. Books, music, videos, pictures, blogs the weather, sunlight through the leaves, a new yummy type of tea, a mood, a talk with a good friend…
    Alessa ♥

  • Sarah - Hi!
    The books sounds lovely! I haven’t even heard of it! I would love to read it!
    I just found your blog, and I am enjoying reading it! That is also what inspires me.
    I love following blogs, reading peoples thoughts, and beautiful pictures people take of (everyday) things. I especially love it when I learn something (which is often), and I get really excited by before-after pictures/posts, or how-to’s! It’s just amazing the amount of creativity that’s out there! I live in the Netherlands, and if it wasn’t through blogs I probably wouldn’t even know these people existed! Let alone know how wonderful they are!
    Have a great weekend!
    (the Dutch one)

  • Kelly - I love that book and keep it on my nightstand to read often.

  • Evie - I am inspired by my niece. Her parents divorced when she was very leaving her at home with her mother and brother, both who have health challenges. She helped care for them both. She married young…just 19 and has two small children, one who also has some health issues. Her husband has just been made redundant.
    I’d be on my knees.
    She has taken on a degree course in psychology. And is moving halfway across the UK to support her husband in finding a new job and to be closer to us. She does all this with grace and wisdom beyond her years.
    She is awesome. And a true inspiration.

  • Lavinia Ifrim Museteanu - hmm, i realized i didn’t say what inspires me lately….well, there’s many things and many people: my mom for being strong and optimistic and full of enthusiasm, my sister for keeping chin up no matter what life throws at her, the blogs I read and the wonderful people that write them, people on the street that take a second to do a nice gesture: keep a door open, smile, say “thank you”; the weather (i know it sounds crazy but just think of the sky and the many nuances and shades of colour it can display) and etsy. Thank you for extending the giveaway :)

  • Bridget - I just found a great magazine Oh Comely ( which is really helped me get out of the mental funk I’ve been in recently, it’s nice to read a magazine which let’s your imagination run.

  • Iamnotanoctopus - I’ve been inspired by the approach of spring this year–I am beyond excited for sunshine and the first warm breezes of the year, and the oppurtunity to wear something that isn’t jeans and a hoodie!