December 2, 2011

Raiding Grandma's Stash

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I ran over to my grandma's and raided her sewing stash. Now, I did just have one of my grandmothers die, but this is my gran that's still alive. She's a big sewer too. She now mainly quilts, but her quilting skill is unbelievable. Sheesh! She's such a pro. I wanted her old sewing patterns, but she let me have a look at a bit of her fabric too and gave me a great 60's piece - which you see on the left in the photos below. She gave me a whole box of patterns, and I looked through it and took these few only because I have no room to store too many. Needless to say, Mr. S came with me and had a deer-in-the-headlights look as we left with the entire box.

Here are the treasures I picked out. My gran had a limited selection of 50's & 60's, mostly kidswear, but I was able to snag these. Darling no?

I'm such a sucker for 80's blouses too. I don't know why but I LOVE them so much. These are no exception. I just die over the feminine, slightly billowy look.

Picked up a few 80's dress patterns and this 70's housedress. I am serious need of a muu muu and this one does look so comfortable. Easy to wear too.

Last, but not least, you'll die to know that I actually snagged this one and its the next pattern that's getting made up. Me mum and I, have been fighting over this classic shirtwaist dress that she got from J.Peterman. Does it really matter who paid for it? Come now, what a daughter wants, a daughter should get. FREAK! I want the stupid dress so much and my mum just will not give it to me. I even asked if I could borrow it to trace off the pattern and she flatly refused. The silly thing is made entirely of - get this - flannel! I tried it on and it was love at first sight! Not only that, but the comfort and warm factor put the dumb thing 100 notches higher in the "have to have it now" pile of my head. But no! I couldn't even trace it off! I was just about to delve into drafting my own pattern for it, when low and behold, my gran and her stash came to the rescue! Yay! I've even found the flannel! Yay! I've even cut my size out already! Yay! Now wait a minute. I know it definitely does not look like much. In fact, the cover is ATROCIOUS! But when I looked at the line drawing on the back, it has every. single. thing. I. want! The classic darted body, the sleeve options, the skirt length, the notched collar! I nearly fainted with utter and sheer absolute DELIGHT! By the way, you can still purchase this pattern from McCall's here. And you'll be happy to know that they updated that white trash "paris amour" fabric (which is what the cover's model is wearing here) to a lovely eyelet. Much better. So much better. I swear, its the exact replica of the J.Peterman dress, but for one small thing I intend to alter, which I'll share with you later.

Well, after all that, I would say that Gran's stash raid was a complete success! Thank you Grandma! You are the BEST! Off to make up that silly shirtwaist dress, just in honor of you and your wonderfulness!

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