November 8, 2011

Colette Sewing Handbook Blog Tour!

Friends, I'm so excited to be apart of the Colette Sewing Handbook Blog Tour! Yay! For those of you who have pre-ordered and/or purchased a copy of the book, you will not be disappointed. This lovely sewing book, is chocked full of great information plus there's more Colette Pattern goodness with the addition of 5 lovely and fashionable sewing patterns. They are gorgeous! The book is so wonderfully put together and I feel it is bound to be one of the best fashion sewing resources out there. It covers so much information in a very clear and concise way and puts a fresh new face on the art of sewing your own wardrobe at home. There is much to be gleaned for beginners through to advanced sewists alike. As part of the blog tour, I decided to include a few excerpts from the book and as an added bonus, there will be a giveaway of the book to one of my lucky readers! Please read to the end for more info on how to win a copy! Hip Hip Hooray!

I have two excerpts from this lovely book for you today - a tutorial and a tantalizer! First, the tutorial. Let's take a look at how to properly press a seam, shall we:

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Let’s get started with some basic lessons in technique! Take a look through these methods for a starter course on common sewing tasks. Of course, we aren’t covering every possible sewing technique here, but you’ll find that these come up very frequently in garment sewing. These breakdowns are here for you to reference whenever you need a little refresher.

Pressing a Seam Open
Press each and every seam after you sew it. This is the only way to get flat, inconspicuous seams. Most seams are pressed open, but if your pattern calls for a seam to be pressed to the side, follow these same steps, but move the seam allowance to one side before pressing on the wrong side.








1. Press the seam as it was sewn. This helps set the stitches. 2. Open up your fabric and lay it wrong-side up. Press along the seam, flattening the seam allowance. If your fabric is delicate, you may wish to lay the seam on a seam roll, to avoid marks from the seam allowance.

3. Turn so that the right side is up. Press the seam again from the right side.

Pressing versus Ironing
Be aware that pressing is different from ironing. Ironing involves moving the iron back and forth over your fabric. When pressing, you hold the iron still and apply pressure.

For a full view of this excerpt, click on the thumbnail below:





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I'm also a fitting guru - as many of you know by now. Getting a perfect fit is time consuming, but so worth the effort! I decided to add just a few extra tidbits from the book to my post today from the chapter "A Fantastic Fit." This is just a tantalizer to whet your appetite for this great chapter! Here's some great advice:

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The process of truly fitting a garment to your body takes time. Some sewers prefer to rush through it, take shortcuts or do no fitting at all. I know how tempting this is, especially when you’re excited about finishing and wearing something. But cutting these kinds of corners in making your own clothing can really end up being a false economy. Sure, it seems to save you time in the short term, but if you end up spending hours sewing something that you won’t wear because of a poor fit, you’ve wasted more time than you’ve saved. Plus, you’ll end up disappointed and frustrated.
Instead, I invite you to think of your sewing room as your own personal custom dressmaking studio. You are both the talented craftsperson making the clothes, and the client who must be happy wearing them. Take your time, and make something beautiful for yourself!

For more from this chapter, click on the thumbnails below for a full preview:





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I do hope you've enjoyed these little tidbits from the Colette Sewing Handbook! You'll love getting it into your hot little hands and having a go at some of the techniques and patterns yourself. Speaking of which, I believe I mentioned something about a giveaway....Yay! To win a copy of this book from us here at A Fashionable Stitch, simply leave a comment stating just how much you would like to win it! This giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere! We'll close things up this coming Friday, at which point I'll select a winner and ship out the book, poste haste! Enjoy friends!


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