September 6, 2011

from NYC

Last week was crazy! I've been working on a project with and last Thursday, I flew from hot and dry Salt Lake City to temperate and humid New York City. And when I say it was a flash trip, I really do mean flash. In fact, everything just flashed before my eyes. Ha. It was completely and utterly amazing! I had the very great pleasure of meeting some of the girls from BurdaStyle (and I totally have the T-shirt to prove it), I also met a few other collaborators for the project we were working on and to top it all off, I met Casey of Elegant Musings! Casey has got to be one of the sweetest gals I've ever met. I've been a huge fan of her blog for a really long time - way before I ever started commenting and telling her how much I just love her style. She's just a dream in person - not only positively gorgeous on the outside but such a generous and lovely sort on the inside too. We spent so much time together and it's even crazier to tell you that we've shared very similar experiences growing up. Uncanny, in fact. It was wonderful! As we were just about to jump into working on the project that had brought us together, she pulled out a most sought after treasure from her handbag and said it was for me. I squealed with delight as I opened it and found a vintage bound buttonhole maker in pristine condition with packaging intact! I nearly died! I've wanted one of these for forever and have never yet been able to lay my hands on one. And there it was, real as life! Gush....

From Casey

After a bout of serious work, Casey and I made our way over to the famed Garment District in NYC. First stop Mood. Now for two girls from places where its about near impossible to find apparel fabric, we nearly fainted from complete and sheer delight seeing the walls of beautiful fabrics everywhere. One full level is practically filled to the brim with wool! It's not even funny the amount of natural fibered fabrics that are found in there. Sigh... Next we wandered around, making our way in and out of various shops. We came to Paron Fabrics, where I flirted shamelessly with Marcial who cut a piece of plaid stretch wool suiting for me. Even gave me his card and told me to call him when I needed fabric and he'd send me some samples from his "best cuts." I could have kissed him for that. He most definitely has a way with a fabric loving girl.

Fall Wardrobing

And now, here I am, sitting in front of my computer, typing away from the confines of my home in SLC. I have to admit that I was overwhelmed with serious inspiration to create and get down to business working on my craft. From the airport, I came straight home and starting dreaming up new inspiration for my Fall Wardrobe - something you'll be seeing more of around here. Taken a trip lately that just left you with that feeling of needing to create? Hope you had a wonderfully inspiring and creative weekend. I know, I did.

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