August 23, 2011

Getting Belt Backing to Behave

Please note that as of March 2015, my online shop closed and these belt and buckle kits are no longer available. Sadly, I do not have another source for them at this time. Thank you so much!

If you've ever sewn a belt from a vintage belt making kit, you'll know that sometimes that belting has been sitting in a rolled form for years (even if the kits are brand new, like the ones in my shop, this is still a great tip). Even with a good press from your trusty iron, that stuff just won't behave! Here's my trick for whipping my belt backing into proper form:

Getting Belt Backing to Behave!

You will need:
◊ a wonky piece of ill behaved belt backing
◊ a small bowl of hot water - not boiling hot, just hot
◊ your trusty iron

Dip your belt backing into your hot water - it might need a couple dips, in fact it might could use a good soak for about 1 - 2 minutes. Once it's un-wonked for the most part, dry with a towel and take it to your ironing station. On a medium to medium high setting and with a little steam, press the belting, from the dull side only (fabric side), until mostly dry. Allow the belting to dry fully on a flat surface and Voila! You've got a stick straight belting to work with!

Getting Belt Backing to Behave!


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