August 17, 2011

29 going on 5....

A quicky about the fabrics! After I received a number of comments about the bird fabric I thought you might like to know that the lovely Kerrie of Bloom Fabrics sells it here - plus she has a number of other fabrics that are rather dashing too! She sent me some a few months ago and I LOVE it, but was afraid to cut into it since, you know,  its a knit. Seriously a dream to work with! Skirt fabric is a lightweight denim and jacket is corduroy from Hancock's. Pink T is fabric from Sewzanne's from forever ago - she also sells great knits!

I don't think I've told you that I have a mini me running around, masquerading as my sister's daughter - that would make her my niece. It's really weird, when you have a niece that looks just like you looked when you were a kid. Anyhow, she's about to start kindergarten. I had been fighting with myself ruminating on whether or not I should make her a little outfit for this "back first time to school" occasion, when one day on the phone with my sis, the words "Can I make MJ a back to school outfit?" came tumbling out of my mouth.

Back to School

Now, I'll level with you. The thought of making kids' clothing is something I've always, rather snottily, turned my nose up at. Sad, but true. It's only amplified by the fact that I have no children of my own, and it just seems like a lot of work when kids grow out of their clothes so fast and put their clothes through a serious beating - especially on the playground at recess. But I had some serious back to school fever, something I always get around this time of year, and I wanted to make something school-ish for someone and MJ was raising her hand the highest out of the bunch.

Back to School

This was fun. Have to admit. I was going for separates because the idea of giving her a mini wardrobe that she could incorporate into her own wardrobe gave me a thrilling sense of satisfaction. Don't ask why, because I have no idea. What's way strange is that it was so easy to come up with what I was going to do as far as picking a pattern and cloth. I mean, its never that easy for me to do for myself. In fact I daresay I had an amazing time coordinating everything. Which reminds me that I've got to start doing this for myself - oh wait! I've already said that here before...somewhere in the blogging archive....Oy....

Back to School

I used this Lizzy McGuire pattern from Simplicity, just in case you absolutely had to know. Funny thing, I had no idea who Lizzy McGuire was and yes, I was almost put off by the fact that the outfit looked atrocious on the poor dear that had to model it for the pattern envelope. It had everything I wanted though - skirt, jacket and a T. I brought it home and had it on my inspiration board when Mr. S walked by and laughed and mentioned Hillary Duff and how she is Lizzy McGuire. Who knows these things? I mean, unless you have kids, because then I know that you know. I'm actually shocked that I know Hannah Montana's Miley Cyrus' real identity.

Back to School

Anyway, I whipped this entire ensemble - skirt, jacket, 2 T's & flower brooch - out in one weekend. Wam, Bam, Thank you Mam! I was pretty thrilled with myself, plus I also tackled the knit. Yup. I'm now ready to make a knit T-shirt for myself. And here I thought it was going to be scary. Silly, silly me. Knits are definitely easy - I think I had brainwashed myself into thinking they were hard or something. There you go. Wish I was 5.

Ever sewn for kids before? What was your take?

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