July 12, 2011

Romper Muslin

I felt this was an interesting muslin because it incorporated not only a blouse, but shorts as well. What's more, this romper isn't supposed to fit like overalls, which would have been rather easy to fit. No, this romper is supposed to be fitted. After getting the muslin made up, I noticed that this particular look had a distinctly 50s vibe. Sort of a Marilyn Monroe feel to it. Very pin-up. So much so, that even Mr. S commented on it and said that it would be a knock out when made up in the right fabric - and this is not something that he ever says about any of my muslins. He's more of an end result type person with my projects. Anyhow, let me share my thoughts on the alterations I did to get it to this point, and what needed to still be done after.

To begin with, I noticed that the romper had terribly short shorts. WOW! I knew that I would not feel comfortable with shorts that short, so I extended the shorts 3 inches before even cutting out the muslin. Next I widened the hip and waist because, according to standard size 12 measurements, my waist and hips are larger than those measurements. After these two things I cut the muslin and sewed it up according to the pattern directions.

After getting the basic skeleton, and trying it on, I found that the upper torso through to the hip was much to large. All of this area was taken in 1 1/4" on each side! Next of course, the shorts needed a crotch depth adjustment. I also felt (rather dumbly, I might add) that if I did the crotch depth adjustment that I wouldn't need a crotch length adjustment, even though I always need this because my inner thigh is rather large in comparison to most patterns. Still though, I didn't do it and am almost finished with my final romper and can see that I could have benefited from a slight crotch length adjustment.

I think one of the reasons I thought I could go without one is because the pattern has you sew up the crotch area in reverse order than normal pants patterns. Instead of sewing the crotch from front to back (like most pants patterns I've encountered) it has you sew the crotch from right to left, or leg to leg. Make sense? I think this ends in a result that looks and hangs a little strange though and promptly changed that on the final version.

By the way, my new corkboard inspiration board also doubles as a pattern instruction holder (kind of like a recipe holder) and this is amazing because I always have a way of loosing and/or ripping the instructions when I get into a project. You know how it is, when the instructions get buried under your project and such.

Just a few muslin ramblings....


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