July 11, 2011

Romper Inspiration

My jumpsuit is almost finished. Gah! Its a treat! I'm very excited about it. I've had Simplicity 6904 for sometime now, having chanced upon it at the thrift last year. I forgot to say in my last post on the subject, that I'm making the shorts version - sheesh! its too hot to wear pants these days. I love the heat, especially Utah's dry heat,  but I will admit that I like the heat better in garments that keep me cool - rompers/jumpsuits, shorts, skirts, tanks, etc. I spent a good deal of time over the weekend gathering some romper inspiration and you can see the full inspiration board over on my pinterest. I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites with you today!

Lizah Summer Jumpsuit / Vintage Romper/Jumpsuit

Probably one of the most inspiring parts about sewing your own fashion is seeing other's who have sewn their own and worn it. Two of my favorites from Burda Style, the image on the left reminds me a little of my own version, but in denim! Love the bust detail! And on the right, a great use of a small printed fabric and a great cut for this lady's figure, plus a very cool way to beat the heat.

Pins & Needles Bow Strapless Romper / Pacific Romper

Aren't these next two just lovely? Again, I adore the bust detailing on the red romper and the plaid one is such a lovely design. I love how the waist is accented with that diamond panel.

lighten up / Betty on the Beach Romper

I love the color of the romper on the left and paired with that skinny belt, its totally fab. The one on the right is so cute all dressed up with that red and white stripe - and again the bust detailing is super fun.

These are just a few of my favorites. All of the inspiration I gathered on my pinterest board (which BTW I'm a fairly new member, and can I say, FUN!) has given me numerous ideas with a few finishing touches I'll be adding to my romper. I actually bought a few more romper patterns, I was just on such a roll and I really do mean to make up at least one more this summer. I do hope you've enjoyed some of my romper ramblings here. Happy Monday!





  1. Mena (from SewWeekly) just made the most amazing red romper! It makes me want to sew one too but I question whether I could pull one off. I'm short (5'1) and for some reason I think they will make me look like a stump. They do say that wearing all one color will make one look taller and leaner though...

  2. I love all these rompers and they really tempt me. I wore rompers in my younger days, but they are not a very flattering garmet from the back. (Notice no butt shots!) Also, there is that eternal problem of having to completely disrobe to go to the bathroom. I can't tell you how many times this has been a problem, say in a beach restroom with a wet floor. How else do others deal with this issue? I would love to find a solution since they are so cute (from the front).

  3. I found a really cute bright pink linen romper once... there was a stranger in the store who told me 'If I saw you on the beach I would think 'Wow, she is hot but what the hell is she wearing''. He ruined rompers for me.

  4. Im yet to try a romper or playsuit. Ive been tempted but have always been pregnant whenever I find one I like and I understand they open from the bottom in regards for loo trips? I'd never manage that with a bump in the way. Plus I need to cut my legs off and replace them with someone's who don't resemble columns of corned beef.

    The first two would be my favourites. Not sure about the high neck on the right image but the print is super!

  5. Ironically I am wearing a romper I made last summer (and never posted about... bad Casey!) today! lol. It's sooo comfortable now that it's hot and excessively humid every day. I cannot wait to see your romper--it's going to be so cute, I know it! ;)

  6. Can't wait to see yours! I'm trying to work up the courage to try one myself!

  7. Waaa, you really have done some research on rompers before getting started. I am so curious to see what yours will be like! xoxo nette


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