July 5, 2011

On My Sewing Table - 1970s Jumpsuit

You know, I remember wearing a certain purple jumpsuit when I was kid in the 80s. I also remember how much I truly disliked it. And not because of the way it looked, but because every time I would sit down, the crotch area would, well...pain me. I have that problem. I knew I had a long torso, but to be more to the point, I have a very long crotch depth. With pant styles, its a good 1-2 inches that has to be adjusted in this area.

With all that said, I've avoided jumpsuits and jumpsuit making because of this very thing. It's that psychological thing where it stems from your childhood and you know the reason why you dislike something which doesn't really having anything to do with the sytle, but somehow that makes you avoid that certain style like the plague. Yeah, I don't get it either. So here I am overcoming my aversion to jumpsuits by actually making one.

Enter Simplicity 6904. I love this pattern. I really do. It's terribly sweet and of course, its 70s - one of my favorite eras (if not my favorite, though the 80s is right up there - yeah, I'm nuts!). This cotton seersucker is tagged and bagged for it too - and Mr. S is not convinced that this fabric will look good in this style. You might need to help me convince him. I'm pretty excited about it, having already finished up the muslin, of which I won't forget to show you. Some serious adjustments, nearly all the pieces were affected. Sigh. But, I'm determined to have a perfect summer romper - maybe even a few since I just ordered a few more peachy lovelies from Etsy and Ebay.

And no, I haven't forgotten that I need to play a little catch up with my adventures with my self drafted skirt. Geez! Its a gorgeous number. It's completely finished, but I'm doing up a special blouse for it and then I'll show it to you. You'll absolutely hate it, its so gorgeous.... I'm quite sure you want something of a sneak peek too, so here you go:

What's on your sewing table? Ever delved into jumpsuits? I've got some sweet inspirations for you too. Jumpsuits are in! In fact, had lunch with Mr. S on Saturday, and I saw at least 2 or 3 on some of the other ladies around. Crazy! Its jumpsuit or bust!


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