July 21, 2011

Inside Look: the Retro Romper

Let's have a look at the inside story of my romper, shall we? Since doing my posts on Seam Finishing, I know that I said I was going to go through a few of my garments and show you the inside and what I've done to finish seams and such. Since my time is so limited, I thought instead, I could show you the insides of all of my future garments. So here we go!

Inside the Retro Romper

Just joining me? This is an inside look to my Retro Romper, made from Simplicity 6904 (a vintage 1970s pattern). It's made from cotton seersucker, which is a nice woven that doesn't fray too bad. The above is a general shot of the inside. The bodice was lined in a cotton muslin and finished off with a ribbon edging. Did I finish the seam allowances inside of the bodice unit - the parts you can't see now? The pattern called for topstitched seams on many of the seams that you see from the outside, which I did and so that was the extent of the seam finishing on the bodice. With enclosed seams and tightly woven fabrics, I like to keep things as simple as possible.

Inside the Retro Romper

The shorts area are underlined in bemberg rayon. I did this for two reasons: 1st because the seersucker was a little see through and 2nd because I wanted that area to skim the body, not stick to underthings and such. The hem is finished off with seam binding which has been slipped stitched to the lining. In the shorts area the seams are finished with my serger (I love my serger!).

Inside the Retro Romper

I had to use a hook and eye in the button area at the waistline because it kept gaping open in that area after I had put the buttons on. A waistline stay would probably have done the trick too, but I chose the hook and eye.

I think the number one thing I was looking for with this romper was ease of wearing. And it is easy to wear, not only because its an outfit all in one, but also because it breathes, its light and completely comfortable. Wearing it right now. So there you go. Hopefully this gives you some ideas and such about future garments and how certain methods can be used to finish off a garment. I've got another project that's almost finished too. If you don't follow me on Facebook, now's as good a time as any to start because I'm always dropping hints about upcoming stuff in the shop and projects I'm working on. Hop on over to see if you can't see what's up next!

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