June 17, 2011

On Assignment...

I realize that today I was supposed to give you some decorative seam finishes, and don't worry, I will - come Monday. I'm interrupting my regularly scheduled program because I've been working on my very first sloper. The basic one-dart skirt sloper to be exact. I've always wanted to try my hand at pattern drafting and now is as good a time as any to get with it. I had promised myself at the beginning of this year that I would make some basic slopers and from them a few of my own creations. Why? Because I'm on a quest for the perfectly fitted garment - a garment that was intended just for me. And because its always something that I've really wanted to learn and become proficient at.

tape measure in hand, armed and ready to go!

Alright, enough about that. I've caught pencil skirt fever again. And I'm mean serious pencil skirt fever. I want the perfect pencil skirt. I also have to admit that I sew my own clothing, not just because of fit, because I get some pretty good fit from a few stores that I used to frequent. I also sew because I can't afford the clothing I want. So I've been internet browsing trying to get better looks at pencil skirts and how they fit. Then I decided that I needed to go and try some on and take notes from the ones that fit really well.

in Banana Republic. the skirt that I liked best

Yesterday, I set out undercover, armed with notebook and pen, cruddy point & click camera (yes, please excuse these photos - I look like death warmed over!) and a tape measure. I went to a host of stores it seemed like, but only two had pencil skirts out. I realize it's not exactly pencil skirt season, but judging from the websites that I looked at there seemed like there would be more to choose from than what I found. Sigh... Still, I was able to find a couple that fit fairly well - one at Banana Republic that was perfect - and I wrote down some notes.

in J.Crew. Not the most flattering for my body shape, but I learned that J.Crew likes to taper in their pencil skirts ever so slightly

I wanted to compare a few things. Dart length in the front and back, placement of the darts - like how far from the center front and center back they were placed, length of total skirt, where the kick pleat started, and the fit after the hip - whether or not this tapered in toward the legs or hung straight from the hip. I made some interesting findings - what's more I actually took my own advice, which I haven't done in awhile, and went and tried on clothing and took notes (and photos) so I could remember what I liked and didn't like. It was fun. Something I suggest everyone do when they are about to embark on a new garment, or if you just need ideas as to what looks good on you.

Ever done this? What was your conclusion? Does RTW fit you or do you sew because it doesn't (and/or never has)? Or do you sew because you can't afford the garments you want to buy?

Have a lovely weekend!


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