June 7, 2011

Me Made June - Days 4-6

I'm really really surprised I did quite well through the weekend with Me Made June. Have to admit that Saturday (day 4), I almost didn't get dressed, but I had made the commitment and now I have photos to prove that I did it too. Just checking in with a little update here, just in case you're missing out on my daily updates via flickr. This week I am taking a little breather here on the blog to really hit the shop hard. I've got lots to do. Next week, I have something extra fun up my sleeve. I'm actually quite excited about it and it will be a series of posts that will go into the Sewing School. There that's all I'm going to say.

Day 4
Blouse - Target
Skirt - Me Made
Shoes - Miz Mooz

Day 5
brought to you by the color green - a color I'm rather good at sporting.
Dress - Me Made from Anna Maria Horner's Socialite dress pattern.
Belt - American Eagle
Shoes - Payless (I know, aren't they great?)

Day 6
brought to you by the monday morning blues. Yeah, it was really hard to get going this morning.
Cardi - Old Navy
Cami - Banana Republic
Pants - Me Made from Burda Style Bella Pattern
Shoes - Cole Haan





  1. So can I have your whole outfit from day four? Please?

  2. Ooh, lovely outfits, the skirt in the top pic is stunning! Is that a Ginger?

  3. Your clothes are great, and your shoes are simply the bomb. Seriously, love them all.

  4. Why yes it is! It was my first, an inaugural Ginger to start the Ginger Sewalong! It's made from thrifted fabric that is a poly/cotton mix. Was totally fun and easy and is just great to wear every single day! Thank you!

  5. Hiya, I really like your day 6 outfit - comfy looking but so nicely put together. I especially like the way you've matched your chunky jewellery with your buttons :)

  6. I love those pants! I am planning to make myself a pair - would you say they are very difficult? Any especially tricky bits? I have signed up for a sewing class where you can make whatever you like - I'm wondering if I should make those my project of choice?


  7. Totally do it! No they aren't too bad. Expect them to be quite large though. My muslin was somewhat gigantic. I remember taking in the sides about 2-3 inches. In fact, I daresay, just cut a size smaller than your measurements for your muslin.

  8. those pants are fabulous! Where can I find a pattern for them? And what size did you make? I have almost the exact measurements as you. Love your blog!

  9. They are the Bella pants from Burda Style. It's a downloadable pattern and they were fairly easy to construct. I can't remember the exact size I made, but I cut the size that was closest to my measurements, but remembered having to take them in quite a bit since the fit was enormous. Would definitely try one size down from what your pattern measurements are. I've worn these so much since though! I love these pants!


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