June 21, 2011

Mailing to Canada

Hi Friends,

I've received a few orders for the Canadian mail and I know that you probably know that Canada's mail is on strike. To let you know how this is affecting the U.S., it means that we can't ship anything to you unless its shipped Global Express - which only costs an arm and a leg. For you Fashionable Stitch Shoppers who live in Canada, don't fret - I'll be watching the postal strike closely and just as soon as I know that its OK to ship items, they'll be going out to you Pronto! I'll send you an email too, just as soon as your order has been shipped.  Let's all hope that the postal workers in Canada can come to an agreement - that is amenable to both parties - on this front.

image source

I'll say it right now, each country's postal system is so important and I feel that those who work for the postal system really do us a great service for fairly reasonable rates. Yeah, I've dealt with many a disgruntled postal worker in my day, but I've also worked with some really wonderful postal workers who have also let me know that its not always the peachiest job. Give your thanks to your postal working community next time you're in a post office!


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