June 1, 2011

Gearing Up - Me Made June!

It's official, I've decided to take the plunge into Me Made June. This is going to be different for me this time around. If you recall, I participated in Self Stitched September '10 and at that time in life, I was still working a full-time day job. It was hard and I definitely won't forget my experience with it and the struggle to do it everyday. It's different this time. I've taken the plunge into my own business and I work from home. I have a different set of problems to contend with now.

For starters, if at all I could be, I probably would be a slob. Yup, I'll admit that staying in pajamas or sweats all day for me has become something of a reality. What's worse, I don't like how I feel at the end of the day when I do that, but yet, I still do it. The challenge is to wear things that are sophisticated and feminine but still comfortable. I've been in the slow process of revamping my wardrobe a bit to include styles that are comfy to wear and do my work around the house, but still things like dresses and skirts that I want to wear and feel girly in. My Ginger skirts definitely fall into this camp and I have a feeling that you'll be seeing them a lot this time around. This also brings me to the point of what I hope to accomplish this Me Made June - and that is to realize the gaps I need to fill in my wardrobe as my career has changed. Maybe I really need to get a grip and realize that I do need a pair of stylish sweat pants when I stuff Tailor's Hams and Seam Rolls. Maybe I'm in real need of an apron when I cut fabric - you know, silly stuff like that. After reading Gertie's latest Feature Comment post, I was so amazed at how Elizabethe hit the nail on the head with how it works when you work from home. I intend to heed her advice and if you haven't, definitely read this post, especially if you work from home.

I also swore that I would wear 2 me made items every day - which I'm going to amend by saying that I'll wear 2 me made items everyday, when possible, for the month of June. I mean, what else am I supposed to wear if I decide to throw on my Naughty Secretary frock? It's already all there, you know. I'll be recapping my Me Made June adventures every few days along with my other regularly scheduled posts.

Are you participating in Me Made June? Even if you're not, what kind of challenges do you face when getting dressed on a daily basis?

Happy Me Made June Everyone!


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