June 27, 2011


Last week my mojo was feeling off. Life felt a little cramped. Walls felt closer, spaces felt smaller. This kind of feeling has always cramped up my style. I'm a person who needs space. And we live in, what seems to be, an ever increasing small space. The thought that we can't move into something bigger just yet was also cramping my style. You know how it is. You start finding small problems and turning them into bigger ones and before you know it, you're depressed because the sky is blue. Well, at least, I know how that is because I do it all the time.

To make matters worse, last week I was working on a few projects around here and things started going missing. I searched for a good 15 minutes for my seam gauge and still could not find it. Didn't turn up for a few days either. I nearly stabbed myself with my shears while rifling through a bin too. I was coming to my wits end. As my mother would say, "I couldn't hack it any longer!"

I decided to do a small bit of sprucing to bring me out of the gloomy, disorganized black vortex I was building myself into. Saturday, I went out and bought a pegboard and the hooks that go into it (Lowes - about $20 for both the board and the hooks). Bought an old picture frame from the local thrift (to put the pegboard in) and as luck would have it I found a huge corkboard for Mr. S, which I traded him for a smaller one he had ($6.50). These two projects have been on my to do list for quite some time, but of course, I've never found time to do them, until things were getting dire. What's even more silly is that this whole project - corkboard and pegboard organizer alike - took only a matter of hours to put together. Sigh...

These two new additions sit right above my head (but high enough up so I don't hit my head) in my sewing station. I love that pegboard organizer! All my shears and hardware are now within arm's reach - not in a bin clanking against each other or about to stab me as I go searching for the pair I need. My new corkboard inspiration holder is just a corkboard with a thin layer of batting over the top and a piece of white linen that I put over the top of that. Used some flame red petersham ribbon for a splash of color too. Easy. And what's more, now I have a place to post little thoughts that pop in my head, fabric scraps for inspiration and images and patterns I want to try.

This space is so tempting now too - like I actually want to be in it, which before I was beginning to dread being in it. So I guess the moral here is that when you are feeling the sewing and creating blues, try giving your space a small facelift and see if it then invites you to be creative in it. I'm just about to go and finish up that lovely self drafted skirt - that shot of fuchsia on Ms. P - and I'm quite sure that I'm going to thoroughly enjoy myself too. Tell me, what are some of your best organizing tricks? What do you do to bring back your sewing mojo? I would really love to hear as I've still got quite a bit of stash organizing to get through. Bit by bit. Rome wasn't built in a day and all that...


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