May 21, 2011

Picking Your Ginger Size

This is probably the most important post of the Ginger Sewalong, because if you pick the wrong size, things end up wonky, there's alot of adjustments and that's all stuff that can take many muslins, time and limited patience. So you have to be real with yourself, OK? Ok. Let's take another look at what we need to measure to get our correct size. Please note that all measurements should be taken with only your underclothes on - so if you need some help, only allow the trustworthy sort to help you.

Let's analyze the pattern for a moment and where it sits. Take my 1st Ginger for example. The waistband hits above my natural waistline. The natural waistline of this skirt is where the waistband and the skirt meet. This might be higher up than you at first imagined. I'm going to say too, that if you really want this skirt to fit you well, it needs to fit at the natural waist. So where is the natural waist? It's the narrowest part of the torso - the curve inward coming down from the ribs and going out toward the hip. And that's where you need to measure for your waist measurement. Helpful hint: tie a string, ribbon or a piece of elastic around your middle and do the hula for a minute while it settles; take your measurement where the string, ribbon or elastic has settled.

Now for the hip. Your hip might hit higher or lower than my hip or your friend's hip. What really counts is that you get the largest part of your hip for your hip measurement. Take a really good look in the mirror and look for the widest part of your hip. That's what you need to measure.

Alright, so now you have your waist and hip measurement. Take another look at the back of your Ginger pattern and determine your size based off of the waist and hip measurements only - we don't need the bust for this project. Many of you will probably find your size right away. Yay for you! Go ahead and cut your size out. What if you don't see your measurements on the back? Or what if, horror of horrors you have the waist size of a 4 but the hip size of an 8 or vice versa? Don't worry! You're not abnormal, mis-shaped or anything of the like. You are great just the way you are and getting your pattern to match up to you is where I come in to help.

If you have Dilemma A - you have 10 inches between your waist and hip circumference measurement, but your digits don't match up with any of the sizes, click here for how to adjust your pattern before cutting it out.

If you have Dilemma B - Your waist size is a different size than your hip size, click here for how to adjust your pattern before cutting it out.

Happy Adjusting - tomorrow I'll be back with more flat pattern adjustments so hold tight before you go cutting into your muslin fabric.


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