May 6, 2011

Fit for an Outing - Coming up Roses

I wore this yesterday. Because I was going to see my dentist. And I really love my dentist. Gosh, he's just got a real way with my teeth. We have to be good buds too, because I see him frequently, being the treat person that I am. No shots, just a little adjustment I needed on a previous crown. When he was all done, I arose from the chair and he even commented on my outfit. I know, he's a real doll!

Oddly, nothing in this outfit, except the brooch is handmade. It's all old stuff though. The jacket and skirt are from Anthropologie and the blouse is from Old Navy. What's even more odd, is that I never wear this skirt but I love it. I have this cycle though. I'll randomly splurge on some really outrageous item, like this skirt for example, never wear it for years and then one year, it just gets worn to death. Let's see, I think this skirt is nearly 10 years old. Sheesh!  I have so many articles like this. And judging from how terribly comfortable this ensemble was, I'll be wearing it alot more often. Do you do that with clothes? What's been in the closet for a really long time that all of sudden you're ready to wear every single day?

A warm day, a picnic blanket, a little bit of the buble and Mr. S and I'll be set for the rest of the warm days ahead.

Jacket - Anthropologie
Blouse - Old Navy
Skirt - Anthropologie
Shoes - Franco Sarto
Belt - thrifted
Brooch - Handmade, tutorial here

Have a dashing weekend and very wonderful Mother's Day!




  1. there are bunches of stuff in my closet i just gleefully hung together last night!

    i love your going to the dentist outfit. you are a little crazy. but i can see where it would make it a nicer occasion. i usually go for a maxi dress, so i can hide my white knuckled clenched fists under the folds.

  2. I have the same thing - things in my closet that I love SO much I never wear them! It's like, if I wear them, I might wreck them, so I play it same and keep it protected in my closet. Nice to know it happens to everyone! :)
    That is a gorgeous skirt! An Anthropologie is coming to my town (which is a big deal, there are none in Canada!) which is going to be trouble on my 'not buying things' pledge, I'm sure!

  3. That is an amazing skirt!

    Oh yes, I definitely got through cycles with clothes. It's always so much fun to discover something "new" in my closet!

  4. I adore this skirt and dress up to go to the doctor, too--it makes me feel better. And I've several times splurged on something that never got worn and then years later couldn't get enough of it. It's almost like it had a destiny. ;) And those sandals are the coolest, I'm totally coveting them. Like your new site, too!

  5. Beautiful outfit! I was hoping you made it because I wanted to make it too lol. Maybe you could do a series on sewing inspiration and images from ready to wear clothing as inspiration in picking patterns and fabrics. I would love to know how to make a jacket like this one!

  6. Yes, I encounter that "old thing is suddenly my new favorite" phenomena quite often. It makes it so hard to give garments away!

    I'm glad you like your dentist. I like mine a lot, too, but so many of my friends really don't like their dentists. At least if you like yours, it makes a sometimes challenging appointment a little more agreeable.


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