March 23, 2011

Buttercream Bow Blouse

Ta da! Here is the blouse I've been working on so feverishly for the past little while. It really wasn't hard, in fact it was sooooo easy. I have a white one that needs to be finished and I think it might be finished sooner rather than later. And I might need one more, just to make things bearable. I love the bow! It's terribly terribly cute I think! He he he! OK, onto specifics.

I made this is up in this buttercream polka dot silk shirting that I bought from Fashion Fabrics Club. So comfy, so light and airy and so easy to work with. The pattern is Simplicity 7896, a vintage pattern from 1977. Not a bad fit, in fact the only fitting issue was my broad shoulder, otherwise, totally easy.

I left this blouse sleeveless and used Tasia's method for applying the bias tape around the edges. Way easy. I had to recut the armscye just a little to facilitate a better show off for my pristinely white shoulders.

I used cover buttons and hand worked all the buttonholes. This was acutally the main reason I did this blouse. Today, concurrently with this post, I have a guest post over on No Big Deal where I show you how to make hand worked buttonholes. I'm planning to post the same post here tomorrow with a few more tips and ideas for you too. The hand worked buttonholes were not that easy. In fact, hand working a buttonhole takes quite a bit of practice and even the ones I did for this blouse still aren't as perfect I would like. I've done them before, on this blouse here. Practice makes perfect! They are pretty extraordinary though. I wish I could send this blouse to each and every one of you, so you could see and feel the difference. They are terribly cool. Everyone should try them, at least once!

What else? Oh yes, the inside. I had a reader want to see the inside with the rather clean looking facings. Nice and neat, see?

And look how nicely it goes with my pea green cardi here. The cardi was a recent thrift that I absolutely adore. 100% cashmere for $6. Now that's a deal! I love how the bow just sits right one top there. Now I just need some new skirts and pants to go with this blouse. I mean you've only seen these Bella jeans how many times on me? Yes. I know. Oh and please excuse the background. I was in a sore spot for light, wanting desparately to take these outside, but having no vehicle, it had just snowed/rained and I was forced to take these on my balcony.

Bow. Blouse. Madness!


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