February 13, 2011

the Moment You've Been Waiting for Trousers

These are indeed the moment I've waiting for trousers. I've been fantasizing about wearing these since I started the sewalong. Wearing them has been nothing short of delightful. I can't decide which pair I like best, both have their good points. And both work effortlessly into my wardrobe. The style for me is spot on and I feel like such a goddess in them. Truly. Is it possible that a pair of trousers can really make you feel this way?

My already worn 3 times brown linen pair. For more images click here.

These here, are the linen ones. Just to recap on these, they are a linen shell that have been interlined in cotton/bamboo muslin. The lining is a bemberg rayon. And yes they have a severe tendency to wrinkle, but then that's the thing I love about linen. The way it wrinkles is just lovely to me. There's an invisible zip in the side and I did the double bias waistband here.  I was asked to post where I get my fabrics so I'll tell you. The linen, muslin and lining are all from Joann. I love fabric shopping online, but I shop so much locally (not that I'm saying Joann is local, in the saving the world sort of sense) because I do like to feel and see the fabric in person before buying it. But judging from how much fabric I've bought online, I'm still fine with not seeing and feeling them first. Go figure.

My black wool gabaradine pair, all frocked up menswear like

Here are my black wool gabardine pair. They are lined in the bemberg rayon as well. They also have an invisible size zip with the double bias waistband. I love the drape on this pair. I've received so many compliments on these already. They are truly like a menswear item, made for a woman. The gabardine is from Fashion Fabrics Club and the lining is from Joann.

in a rather Marlene D-ish pose

Both are rather warm, which is a good thing around here since I can't expect warm weather til June. And well, there you go. So, how are you all coming on your trousers? How do you feel about trousers now? I hope there were a few eye openers here. Even leading the sewalong, I have so much better an understanding of pants, the way they fit and their construction. I can safely say that I'm even ready to tackle another pair soon.  In fact, I've bought many of the patterns that were posted to the flickr pool, being so inspired by all of you.

I'm ready for some blouses to go with my pants now too. Even some lovely jackets, maybe. I'm getting into the thick of my Spring Palette Challenge. Such fun! So, blouses will definitely be coming along as I've got two in the queue. And I've got loads more photos of both pairs of these trousers on my flickr and if you want also check out my Burda Style postings for them here and here. And by golly its Valentine's Day! So go and treat yourself to a pants/trouser pattern if you haven't already and get to work. Well, and definitely throw in a kiss, a romantic movie and some See's chocolates too!

I was going to announce the winner of the Simple Abundance book today, but I've decided to give you one more day. Don't forget to enter here. I'll announce the winner tomorrow!

Best trouser sewing wishes!


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