February 28, 2011

Pretty Vintage vs. Ugly Vintage

Vested Interest, Three-On-A-Match, Half-N-Half; I adore this rather fabulous set of knitted frocks, especially the cardi on the right.

Belle Hop; So clean and chic, I only wish it came with all the jewels, gloves and that wonderful hat.

These are scans from a vintage knitting mag that I bought on Etsy a little while ago. It's a Spinnerin Knitting magazine from 1956. A genuine article. I keep flipping through the pages of it lusting after each and every knit creation. I've probably put 20 years on the poor mag with all my flipping and skipping through it. As I won't be at working my day job much longer, I brought it to work the other day so I could make my coworkers jealous as they flipped through it too. Much to my surprise, my secret plan did not work. None of my coworkers were jealous that this lovely magazine was mine, or that I might actually knit something from it (when I learn to knit that is). In fact, as they flipped through the pages, barely looking at the photographs they laughed (an odd response, I felt) and said things like "these models have no waist," "look how thin they are," "they didn't have photoshop back then, so they must really be that thin." I was actually a bit shocked that no one looked past the models and onto to what they were wearing, which is essentially the point of the magazine, right? Not a single ooohh or awww escaped my coworkers lips as they flipped. Not even those who knit their own sweaters and such! Sigh....

Lovely "You"; Isn't this top just to die for? So sweet! I love how it has a sort of peplum flair along the bottom.

Dual Rule; My favorite of the bunch, I love the cardigan here and the small stripes. The tucked in waist and flared peplum is just ravishing!

No, I'm not going to discuss the skinny here. I want to discuss views on vintage. What do you think? Is vintage pretty or ugly? The other day I was wearing my great gran's vintage opal necklace and earrings. This lady, a very well dressed one at that, complimented me on the set and said, "Those are really pretty. Usually vintage stuff is so ugly." My mouth sort of dropped. I didn't quite know what to say.

French Accent; This is so darling! And just think how comfortable it would be too.

Winsome Twosome; I love the collar on this cardigan and the skirt is just lovely with that faux pleat look.

Velvet Touch, Tailor Made; Oddly I think the model on the right looks an awful like Rosemary Clooney.

I've thought about this quite a bit lately especially with the "laughable" reception of my vintage knitting mag. I personally think it's just gorgeous. But I do love vintage, though everything I wear and make is not always so. I also think alot of vintage is beautiful, but I have to admit that not all vintage is my style. Then I started thinking that perhaps the styles you grew up in maybe leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. You know, maybe they are associated with the heartache of puberty and such, if that was as bad for you as it was for me. I mean, the 90s give me all sorts of grief. Whenever I'm out shopping for vintage patterns and I come across 90s styles I remember wearing in high school, I immediately push them out of sight. Ugh.... But then sometimes, very rarely I find a 90s pattern that I really like. Weird.

Art Throb

I don't know. What do you think? Have you ever experienced responses like these to vintage? Maybe it's just that people are uneducated about vintage style and fashion and therefore feel that anything "old" must be ugly? Maybe, just maybe, its just not their style and I am over thinking this just a little. Still, I would like to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Smart Suiter

I do hope you enjoy these scans. I am trying to illicit intense jealousy so if you do feel like laughing, please hold it in and let the green envy take over. It only takes a moment. If you feel you must point out the tiny waistlines, it is good to remember that accenting a waistline with a belt is a sure fire way of nipping this part of the body in (not to mention the shapewear they wore those days). Just a smoke and mirror trick, in my humble opinion. And if anyone knows the rules about copyright and whether or not I can scan in this entire book and put it on Ravelry or something let me know. I would love to see one of these made up.


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