January 18, 2011



These are all images I gathered from around the web. The first two are from Oprah.com where they were actually discussing "Khaki Pants for Every Body Type." The third is an image that popped up on my blog reader from Erica B's DIY Style in which she so well points out the question of why we bother with pant alterations (which can be rather involved, if you know what I mean) when we have such great examples of poor fitting pants on the red carpet.

And why do we? Thoughts on this? Would you wear these pants? Do you consider these examples to be poor fitting? I must say that even if "whiskers" are the style that is the very first place my eye is drawn. And is that really a good thing since its right in the crotch area? I mean, we need to learn how to flatter the crotch with pants, but I dare say probably not draw attention to it. After going through painstaking efforts to fix your pant muslins (I've read some of you are on muslin #5!) how do you feel about this?



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