January 6, 2011

Noteworthy Bottoms

I've had many questions and such about why I chose Burda #127 for the Trouser Sewalong. I'll admit now, that it was a moment of madness and thank you very much, I'm paying for it. No, I didn't realize at the time I chose it that it was a Tall pattern and no, I had no clue that there were different sizing charts for the Talls and no, I didn't have the magazine and no, I had no idea that many of you who live in foreign countries have to download it from the German site and no, I didn't know that for some very strange reason some people can't view the image from the Burda Style site and no, I didn't know that you didn't have to add a hem allowance either. My long line of profanities of choice in this matter would offend too many of you, so I'll just say, "Sheesh!" Will you please accept my sincerest apologies? Please? For those of you still hanging in there with Burda #127, you guys are real troopers and it is my opinion that you will be rewarded. For those of you who decided to go with a different pattern, you are very wise.

1920's Lounge Pants Inspiration

Needless to say, I've been contemplating pants for awhile now. Actually since Self Stitched September. So I've been gathering ideas and inspiration. I was looking for a pair of trousers reminiscent of some 20's lounge pants that had caught my eye awhile ago. And then I saw Burda #127 as I was lurking around Burda Style. It was the one. That was the pattern I had been looking for. It had everything I wanted. The waistband, the side zip, the slant pockets, the cuffed hem, the pleat in front....

Jessica Biel in Easy Virtue

Watching Easy Virtue a few weeks ago cinched the deal. This Noel Coward play turned film, is set in the 20s. A time for dropped waist dresses. Until Jessica Biel's character waltzes on the scene in trousers fit for....a man. Her day outfits consist of these fabulous wide legged, flowing trousers, all put together with fabulous frocky tops and jackets and low-heeled mary-jane pumps. It's an unbelievably fabulous look. And to be real honest with you, her trousers were the biggest drive in using Burda #127 for the sewalong. It's like they took this trouser pattern straight out of this film. Not to mention, now that those of us using this pattern have had so much trouble with it, I've received a few emails with helpful suggestions from those who have the magazine and those who have tried these trousers. Can we all give it up to Cassandra, Stephanie and Mae! I'm seriously glad that I'm not alone on these pants (thanks Ashley for your comment about that). Anyhow, Stephanie sent me a scan of the actual photo of the trousers in the mag with the verbage that appears on the opposing page. It reads: "Very reminiscent of Marlene Dietrich! These wide trousers/pants with broad hip yoke, front creases and turn-ups create a very elegant effect. The cut is very suitable for tall women - and fills college men with inspiration..." Marlene Dietrich! I should have known. That now puts another spin on these beauties.

Jessica Biel in Easy Virtue

Come now, tell me you don't want a pair of these in every color, for all seasons to go with all those beautiful silky tops and short cinched in jackets. Not to mention the lovely leggy look. Yeah, Jessica and Marlene have great legs, that we never see, but whose illusion is wonderfully accentuated by those trousers.

Marlene Dietrich in trousers

Oh and by the way, Mr. S gave me a Rod Stewart CD for Christmas and I've now got a theme song for our Trouser Sewalong. You absolutely have to lend an ear toHot Legs while drooling over these images. The tune is from 1977 and for some reason, I thought that Mr. Stewart's vocal chords had been blown out in his early years having only heard his later tunes. That is not correct. He was in the thick of it in the 70's, one of his earliest decades and as you can hear he has that same smoky blown out voice. I do love it so. He's such a pimp. The perfect pimp for our Trouser Sewalong.

Jessica Biel in Easy Virtue

Anyhow, back to the trousers, I do believe the navy ones (top photo collage) on Jessica are my favorite. Delicious. I will be a leggy seductress after this trouser sewalong, just you wait. And teenage and college boys will most definitely be inspired by these. Sigh.....

I hope this has given you some serious inspiration for this week's Finale. We are now on the verge of fitting madness, which is coming just as soon as Monday hits. And for those of you who might have been on the fence about this, come now, really, don't you need a pair? Let's get with the times. It's pants or BUST!
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