January 9, 2011

Most Common Pant Alterations

I'll admit to you right now that I've learned most of my info on pant fitting from Pants for Real People. With that in mind, I wanted to share this image from the book with all of you. This is a summary chart of the most common alterations for pants and it's very informative. I'll be referring to this again and again because it is very helpful as a visual for the things you'll need to do for your pattern pieces. It might also start the wheels turning as you begin thinking about what types of alterations you'll need for your pants.

Click on image for full size
from Pants for Real People, posted with permission from Pati Palmer
please visit www.palmerpletsch.com for more fitting and sewing aids

Over the next three days, I'll be going in depth on 3 of the main alterations. They are the biggest problems, in my opinion and they take a bit to explain. Subsequently after that there will be a few more posts on some odd alterations that you may or may not need. And I wanted to let you all know that I plan to share some of the photos that you entered into the flickr pool (unless you absolutely forbid me not to) to give everyone an idea of the things they'll need to do if they are having the same fitting issue. I promise, it will not be to humiliate you, it's to help you and the rest of us to see the different types of problems that come with making pants.

Next week, I hope to start the construction process on the final pants. But I'll wait to see where we are at before jumping right in and making you feel overwhelmed. Ok? Ok.

Tomorrow get ready to discuss crotch depth. It's fun.

PS ~ Pati Palmer (a co-author of Pants for Real People) contacted me regarding the above image. I checked out her website at www.palmerpletsch.com and found even more of their products and fabulous information. Did you know there were DVDs? Hip Hip Hooray! Click over and have a peek and while you're at it buy Pants for Real People!

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