What to do When You Watch North and South

So, have you seen this BBC Drama, North and South? Being the nerd that I am, I watched this entire series (which consists of 4 episodes, by the way) til 3:00 in the morning this past Saturday night. And now I’m officially addicted. I’m quite determined to own it and am getting ready to buy the book as well. Haven’t seen North and South yet? You’d better, I’m telling you. Put on a girly face and give yourself a good sit down and get ready to fall in love all over again. Ha ha ha. A few tips if you don’t have ready access:

This movie is an “instant” movie on Netflix and so I watched North and South via Netflix via Mr. S’s Playstation3. They’ve just come out with the disc that will let you watch movies right to your TV. You can stream Netflix instantly to your Playstation3 or an XBox, if you have one. If you don’t have these, you can watch it instantly on the web. (PS, I can’t believe I’m actually mentioning these gaming systems on my blog. I never touch them, unless I want to watch movies of course. he he he) If you don’t have Netflix, I suggest you get yourself a membership right away. This movie is totally worth it. And you can sign up for a trial membership to see if you really like watching movies this way.

You could just buy this movie too! Its a very worthy investment, especially if you are a “Pride and Prejudice” fan. You’ll love it. Promise.

(North and South film stills)

To make your viewing of this incredibly fantastic love story even more enjoyable I’ve given you a little craft to make along with it. Remember the corsage from my green silk play dress? It’s way easy and perfect for making as you are swooning over Mr. Thornton or the incredible costumes worn by Margaret. The Pocket Full of Posies Corsage, the perfect addition to your girls night in.

My particular corsage was made with a few scraps of magenta dupioni silk and some baby pink silk charmeuse. I’m sure it will work with several different types of fabrics. Pick some that are your favorite and have fun. Its all about fun, you know. And being romantic. And being creative. And of course, being a silly girl who loves flowery things. Right? Can’t wait? Click here to view and print the instructions.

  • Abby - I love love LOVE the beautiful green dress! It is so cute and I’m going to attempt to make the corsage sometime soon as my valentines gift to myself. I’m going to order the money book you reccomended from Amazon. And I am so proud of you for making your bed every day. You are not only worth a million bucks, but a diamond in the rough.(Even if you are singing playstation 3 praises. I’ll let that slide, but if you say anything good about Mafia wars,I WILL plan an intervention. Haha)

  • katy - wow… ironically, i watched north and south for the first time the same weekend! (i also stayed up half the night… i could not stop pressing ‘play the next episode’ on netflix… so addicting!)… and i will proudly admit to being a nerd 😉 i was actually surprised i hadn’t seen it before… huge pride and prejudice fan as well
    and, the green dress with corsage is just wonderful!

  • DaisyBisley - North and South is amazing and so is the book, I must have watched the DVD about ten times when I got it! theres a wee bit more to Mr Thornton in the book too and a bit more to the ending if i remember rightly!
    Love the green dress & Corsage and will be giving it a go when I watch north and south again!

  • ann - Thanks for the North and South idea – I could use some girly reading and tv watching.

  • Mary - Thank you recommending North & South, I watched it on Netflix Instant viewing and loved it! Sadly I was feeling too sick to attempt a project while watching.

  • Mefi - so beautiful on your. and thanks for recommending north and south. am addicted to watching it on netflix.