Ice Cream Top, Sprinkles Included

Happy New Year Everyone! I have this fabulous feeling that its going to be a great 2010. 2009 was a good year for me. I learned alot and feel that my New Years Resolution for 2009 went rather well on the whole. I have taken to eating better and cooking more, though a juicy hamburger is so good from time to time still. I’m drooling just thinking about it now.

So what’s the feat for this year? Well, I’ve started my Simple Abundance Day Book again and have really thought long and hard about so many things. My biggest resolution this year: To believe in me. To believe that I can do those things that I really want to do and that I can do them well. I have trouble with that. Sometimes I think I’m just not capable of doing something big and actually doing it well. I always want to make excuses. No excuses this year. Not for me.

Here’s to my first no excuse sewing project finished just in time to have worn on New Year’s Eve:

My Ice Cream Top, so named for those fabulous sprinkles sprinkled all over it. You may remember this fabric from my Purple Dress. Its the ruffle that is around the collar of the dress. You see, I have this thing for stashing fabric and then thinking, “Oh my, I love this fabric to death! But I could never sew that with it. Its much too pretty. I want to SAVE it.” And what am I saving it for? Even I don’t know. I just love to save things. So instead of saving this time, I sewed it all up and there’s only a few scraps left. Hip hip hooray!

Onto details: This is the fairly expensive pattern from Burda Style called the Wenlan Top. Its a design by Wenlan Chia that is seen in her book Twinkle Sews. She doesn’t give you the pattern for the top in the book, but it was made an exclusive pattern for Burda Style. The pattern itself is rather nice to work with, but the instructions, Oh good heavens! It was like reading greek, and I don’t understand greek. I’ve sewn alot of garments and this was like deciphering chinese. The instructions were so poorly put together. After battling with them for awhile, I ditched the instructions and figured out the top on my own. It sewed up pretty nicely after that. Sheesh!

I lined the top with a grape dupioni silk, which in case you were wondering is a very good natural fiber alternative to synthetic lining. I didn’t know that at the time, but that’s what I had on hand and so just went with it. The dupioni lends a little crispness to the dotted swiss silk, which is like chiffon with dots basically. I really really liked that. The dupioni would be perfect for skirt linings for sure.

I also used the short tutorial from Colette Patterns for the hand rolled hem. This I used on the sleeve. Worked out perfectly and it maintains the natural curl in the fabric. Really liked that!

Overall the pattern went quite well. Didn’t change a thing, but would like to try this top again with more of a romantic billowy sleeve to it.

There you have it folks! The perfect top for an ice cream outing.



  • Abby - I love this top! How very cute! I also like your resolution!

  • Jami - Sunni Dear! I love to peek at your blog from time to time and see what fun you’re up to. I love this top. You’re so talented. In fact, if I can ever afford a personal tailor, you’re at the top of my list to beg.

  • Antoinette - This is SO CUTE! Followed the link here from Flickr — you have done a lovely job! I would have passed on the pattern based on the Burdastyle photos, but your new purple top makes a compelling case!!! And the color complements your hair perfectly.

  • carol - …… GO girl……you’ve got the talent!!!!………..

  • Aura Harvey - Hi Sunni, this is my favorite of all your creations. Love your blog.