Right out of a Harlequin Romance

“So, you have some skill with a needle and thread?” He said as he noticed her so competently sewing the button back on his shirt. He had never kissed anyone like that before. He couldn’t help himself, the perfect evening, the dinner, the green of her dress made her big emerald eyes glitter with invitation. So steamy, so uninhibited was the kiss, that he had gotten a little excited and innocently enough, a threadworn button had popped right off his chocolate brown shirt. The shirt had always been a bit snug through the chest, but the fact that it offset his eyes so well made up for that.

She noticed it when she first laid on eyes him. He was so strong and she just knew she would fit perfectly into the wrest of his arms. The kiss had taken her by surprise as well, but she knew it was inevitable, as inevitable as those deep chocolate brown eyes seductively melting her with their stare.

~Me, a closet Harlequin Romance Author

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You may not believe me, but I’ve just read my first Harlequin Romance Novel. I was out on the hunt for a gift at the local thrift, when an entire shelf of Harlequin Romances beckoned to me. I caved, what can I say? My 75 cents bought me the most trashy of all of them I think, picked in part because the cover illustrated a half clothed couple staring into each others eyes as they laid so uninhibited on a silk covered chaise. Have to admit, thoroughly enjoyed it. And yes, it was horrible, sinful and obscenely naughty, sexy and you said it, seductive.

And yet, I was inspired by it.

OK, maybe in more ways than one, but some things are best left to the imagination. I found the writing style interesting, and no I’m not saying this is great literature, but it was interesting to the point where there is  a lot of emphasis on what people look like and what they are wearing and how this best makes their eyes glitter. I can’t even count how many times the word glitter was used in conjuction with the word eyes. Too many, because by the end of the short novel (which only took one night to read) I kept wondering how to make my eyes glitter.

I took a very close examination of my eyes and had Mr. S do the same. We have come to the conclusion that I have blue greyish eyes with rings of yellow and amber in the center. This next leads me to what colors offset these types of eyes. Possibly a yellow sundress? Perhaps something that coordinates with the yellow in the eyes, possibly violet, which I do look quite good in? Poppy maybe?

So tell me, what makes your eyes glitter? Have you ever thought to coordinate colors of outfits with the color of your eyes? I’ll be back with some images, patterns and color scheming for your viewing enjoyment. For now, find yourself a Harlequin and rediscover the magic.

This little inspirational post has been brought to you by: A Harlequin Romance, The Unlikely Mistress. Just so you know, in case you didn’t, Harlequin Romances started in 1949 and last year they celebrated 60 years of pure reading pleasure with an art exhibition of the Harlequin Cover Art  in New York of which you can read about here. It’s pretty interesting to see how romantic values have changed through the years and that just by judging the cover of the book. I think you’ll enjoy perusing those images.

PS ~ It’s OK to giggle like a girl while enjoying a Harlequin. I did. And don’t forget, they are not real, but its fun to think they could be.

PPS ~ Yes, these are “Harlequin” inspired images of Mr. S and I and yes, it was very hard to keep a straight face, and yes it was even harder to talk Mr. S into shooting these photos with me. Thank you very much.

  • karen ball - What a fun post! There’s nothing wrong with a bit of escapist fiction. And wow, I am seriously impressed with your man signing up to the photoshoot.

  • Gertie - Hee! I love the photos!

  • Emilie - LOL!your post made me laugh a lot!
    Shame on me, I’ve never opened an
    Harlequin, I’ve never asked myself if
    my eyes were glitter enough:) I look
    forward to seeing what you’re making!
    (I found your blog through BurdaStyle
    and I love your universe!)

  • Abby - Hahaha! David and I are cracking up right now about the picture at the top of the post! Wow! So steamy! I have to admit, I’ve snuck one of Grandma’s naughty romance novels. More fun than I’m old enough for still. Haha

  • Lisa - ROTFL, yes I am closet romance reader. Yes they make me giggle…since I have 12 kids, I am pretty sure I deserve some giggles 😉 Glittering eyes? ummm will work on that. Congrats on Mr. S for allowing the pics. My dh just raised his eyebrow at me. LOL