December 5, 2010

Study Hall Boyfriend's Jacket

Here it is, in all it's glory! I feel very studious wearing it too, if I do say so myself. Quite smart, like I could give you a dissertation on why the sky is blue or something.

The jacket itself is practically perfect. I could get technical about what's not perfect, but that would take away from the total enjoyment you'll have lusting after this beauty. It was quite the construction project. I kept thinking that I wouldn't do this or that because it would take too long and then I felt myself being sucked into getting it just right and such. Mr. S gave me huge scare the other night when he said that one of the shoulder puffs was "puffier" than the other. Then he said to go look in the mirror and figure out which one it was. Can you believe the nerve? I ran to the mirror and couldn't see it and drove myself half crazy trying to figure out which one it was. Then Mr. S said, "How's that for your OCD?" After that comment it was time to finish the jacket. Even if it didn't end perfectly. Sigh...

Needless to say, it is and will be a fantastic staple to my wardrobe. I do love the way it turned out. The color looks so much more luscious in the velveteen. It's soft. The pockets turned out just right. I added that little belt in the back as it looked like it needed it. The lapels are big and generous. And the buttons. They're those leather ones you know. My dad had several jackets that had these and as a kid I was always so fascinated with them. The jacket just wouldn't be complete without them.

The jacket inside was inspired by some high end RTW jackets I've seen around. I lined the body in polka dot silk twill, the same as the undercollar and for the sleeves I used a fuschia bemberg lining. Just for fun.

The jacket is just screaming for some wide leg plaid trousers or an A-line skirt. I tried putting it with some of my other things and surprisingly they looked just too "girly" up against it even though this boyfriend's jacket has a decidedly feminine twist. So, I've got some plaid wool that's going to be made into some pants real soon. We'll get that whole 70s jive going, an era that's fast becoming a favorite and I didn't really think it would.

I think I'm finally ready for some easy projects that only take say a week to complete. Which leads me to my next point about how long it takes to finish sewing projects. Is it normal for you to take a long time on your sewing projects? I've never been one that could finish things in a week. I have to get the fit just right and use luscious fabric and always put the most time consuming twists on everything that it always takes me quite a while to get things finished. I just won't wear it otherwise. I just won't. How about you? What kind of a seamstress are you? A time taker or a time breaker?

So there you have it. My boyfriend's jacket.
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