November 30, 2010

Trouser Tantalizer

Trousers, pants, bottoms, cigarette pants, bell bottoms.....It is now very official. I have finally decided on a date to begin the trouser sew-a-long (I'm calling them trousers because it's a little more exciting to say trousers than pants, well, at least to me). Fresh out of the holiday bustle we're going to start Monday, January 3. It will be more slow-paced than the pencil skirt sew-a-long but fast enough to hold your interest. We'll start with a fitting, talk about some different trouser styles and then move onto the construction.

For my trouser selection, I'll be using this Burda pattern here (click here for the German website). This is Burda pattern #127 in the July 2010 issue for those of you with the magazine. I think it would be great if we all used the same pattern, but hey, if you aren't into this pattern feel free to substitute your own. The fitting issues I'll be going over can translate into any pattern. Oh and don't worry, I will look like that model above with mile long legs in my pants, don't know about you. The fact that she's surrounded by younger than teenage boys does not help, I'll definitely round some up when its time for picture taking. I've got connections like that you know.

Soon I'll post a little list for the items you'll need and then we'll get started with some fun and fabulous-ness after the holidays. Sound like a plan?

Oh and here's a button just cause buttons are cute and fun:

And no, pants ain't just for gents. Right? That's what I thought. Look whose wearing the pants now! Ready? Set? Let's sew some pants y'all!



**Update** I had completely forgotten about the Burda "divide." Claire (Seemane) has very graciously given the links in the comments section of this post to the german website where you can download the pattern in German, English and French. If you are still unable to download the pattern, please contact me at and I will see if someone at Burda Style can give us a hand here. Also for you shorties or petites, don't sweat it, my legs are quite short in comparison to the rest of my body. I'll be showing this adjustment too. Oh I'm very glad indeed that so many of you are excited to participate! Oh what fun we'll have!
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