November 4, 2010

Stitching Spotlights 11.5.2010

I have missed so many Stitching Spotlights, I don't even know where to begin, so let's just start over. Right? Right. It's November. NOVEMBER! You know what that means right? Leaves falling, hot drinks, stocking-ed feet and fall fashion, of course. I love this time of year. The colors are so pungent, you can almost taste them.

kokuryu from Burda Style

Have you visited this girl's website? She makes the sweetest things, takes the sweetest photos and stitches like a mad woman. And look at this Jackie O inspired dress. I saw this pattern on Burda Style awhile back, one of the new patterns from the Burda Mag that you can download. I think I need one of these. The color, oh the color she's used is just superb!

I bought this delightful book not too long ago. Mr. Coffin definitely knows how to write a sewing book that will peak your interest. He's got shirtmaking down to an art and it's all put so eloquently. Love it. Highly recommend. And now I think I need his trouser making book. And I need to get with it and put together that pants sew-a-long. Almost there.

Want to get your hands on pin hem marker? Well Ms. Gertie posted a link to these here that seem to be reproductions of the one I have. There are several vintage ones on etsy, however you may find that they are not quite high enough to give you the skirt length you desire. This one from B Black and Son's could definitely give you a mini length or below the knee length. Have a look. Put it on your wishlist for Christmas as these are definitely a gift worth getting. Then you can have your own contraption in action, like me.

Happy Friday Everyone! I'm up to my ears in velvet dust from the boyfriend's jacket. It's looking rather lovely though, if I do say so myself. I've got a few sneak peeks planned for next week. Have a lovely weekend!
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