October 31, 2010

The Linda-Hop Skirt

Still working on my boyfriend's jacket, but decided to finish a project I started a few weeks ago. I found myself being more and more drawn to making a skirt that didn't require alot of fitting and was easy to wear. Not to mention with cold weather just around the corner, I was ready for something warm and Fall looking. And plaid. Mustard-y plaid. I've had this fabric stashed away since last year when I bought it intending to make....oh yeah, I can't even remember now. 2 yards at $36 per yard = a very expensive circle skirt. I didn't want to do anything cheap on this skirt either. So I lined the thing in bright banana yellow silk charmeuse too.  That only took $60. So let's see, just for the fabric here, I've already spent $132. And if you haven't fainted yet Mr. S, you're on cue now. Oh dear! Needless to say, this thing is simply gorgeous. And by darn, if you don't agree.....I'm not quite sure what I'll do but it will be something.

It's only fitting that I bring you this gorgeous creation after a little draught of sorts here in cupcake goddess land. I haven't made a single garment since August. So it is with giddy excitement and pleasure I present, The Linda-Hop Skirt. Made from the Linda pattern on Burda Style no less. Easy peasy pattern with loads of potential for fun details. Since this was such an easy pattern, I decided to tackle this plaid double faced wool. It was simply dreamy to work with. And this stuff is extra thick and extra beautiful. And I matched up the plaids rather well I think considering this is my first time working with plaids. The plaid at the zipper just wouldn't work for some reason, but its only off a slight bit in that one area, so there. I'll live, I guess. Sigh....

The skirt went together quite smoothly. Easy fit, easy sew. I let the thing hang for about 3 weeks. And surprisingly, I didn't know that you had to let circle skirts hang. Thank goodness I did an update on my facebook page and thank goodness there were some great stitcher's watching over me giving me a few words of sound advice. So, if you didn't know, it's official, you have to let a circle skirt hang, at least overnight, before hemming it. This is perfectly sensible, because the seamed sides (my front and back here) are cut on the bias. Now, I don't think I needed to let it hang for three weeks, originally I was planning to hang it for one, but then I decided that I wanted a vintage pin hem marker and it didn't come for awhile. And I let it hang for that long because this fabric was not only thick, but rather tightly woven. It needed a real good stretch. So it got one.

I hemmed up the hem with horsehair braid. I follow Gertie's advice and tutorial for this as she is an expert circle skirt maker. I didn't have access to the type of horsehair braid that she uses. Mine was not as wide and I had to run a gathering stich along one edge. I just bought mine at Hancock's. I love the finished product though. Oh my goodness! The hem looks so professional. And it gives the hem weight. I love it!

I gave it a lapped handpicked zipper with a vintage metal zipper. Could not be happier with the metal zipper. The skirt lining is finished with my favorite detail, lace. You might also be wondering why I'm wearing it with the seam in the front and back, as traditionally the pattern says it should be worn on the side. I had been looking at alot of mags for the inspiration for this skirt. The ones I liked best were plaid and had the plaids matched up perfectly and to show that off the seam was in the front. I loved this. Yeah. I can match my plaids. Thanks.

Other items of note:
Top - Just a sweater from Sear's
Belt - Thrifted
Hose - Sear's (yeah, they have really good tights this year. Just bought another pair that's in houndstooth. And don't forget to read my post on proper stocking care. If you want them to last, you have to put them in the freezer. HAVE. TO.)
Shoes - Crown Vintage

What do you think? Ever stitched a circle skirt? You probably should now, if you haven't. I mean these things are the best things since....A-line skirts. Not only that, but you can twirl. And who doesn't want a skirt that does that?
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