October 17, 2010

Recreating a Boyfriend's Jacket

You've probably been wondering if I will ever sew a garment again. I haven't come out with a garment since....ahem, I can't even remember. I've actually been working on several garments and just haven't finished them or had time to go and grab the necessary finishing detail and such. I know. Lazy. That rotten little four letter word.

Well, in an effort to actually finish something, I hereby declare that I'm officially working on a boyfriend's jacket. I've been following along with Gertie's Lady Grey Sew-A-Long and though I'm not making that coat (as I've already made it, and am not quite ready to make it again), I am following her tailoring technique tutorials. Even bought that book about tailoring that she mentioned. Very very worthy investment, if I do say so myself.

So you might be wondering exactly what a boyfriend's jacket is. I've wanted a new one for awhile. My mom had the sweet velveteen number above that I wore all through high school and my first years in college. I loved that jacket. A real genuine 70's boyfriend jacket. My mom told me that my dad actually bought it for her when they were still....boyfriend and girlfriend. So it's the real deal. And unfortunately it doesn't fit. It never did fit real well, what with those football shoulders I've got. Could never bring my darn arms foward. Bowling was definitely out of the question. But back to my original point. A boyfriend's jacket is a jacket made for a woman that looks like a men's jacket. It's supposed to give you that look of actually looking like a boyfriend's jacket, like you know, your boyfriend gave to you. That sort of ring around the neck thing and all.

A couple of weeks ago, this lady at work brought me a box of patterns she didn't want anymore. (PS, it's a very good idea to tell older women you work with that you sew and that you love vintage patterns, because they will bring your their old patterns and let you have them. This is my 4th box!) I was sorting through them rather quickly, having a glance and what to my wondering eyes - Simplicity 5250. A rather feminine detailed boyfriend's jacket. Loved. It. Had to have it. I dropped everything and ran, not walked, home. I had the navy velveteen and the blue polka dot silk lining at the ready for this very occasion. Hip Hip Hooray! I'm such a lucky girl. You have no idea.

Needless to say, I've made a good start on the jacket. And I will finish it, don't you worry. It will be tailored, am waiting on hair canvas to arrive as I type. Had to grade the pattern up one size. Will show you more on that later this week. Made the muslin, and had slight but easily fixed fitting problems. And there you have it.

And you do realize what this means, right? Pretty much, I have nothing to go with this jacket. Ha ha ha. And I've commited myself not to make onesies anymore, so I'll just have to base an entire outfit around this jacket. Oh what fun! Yay!

Thoughts anyone? Did you ever have a boyfriend's jacket? I want to know, really I do. And I want to know what boyfriend gave it to you.

PS ~ You guys, seriously, are THE BEST! Thank you so much for guiding me in the right direction for a beggining knitter. I'm very excited to get started. Have bought two books, just need to pick a project and get some needles, yarn and other odd supplies. Couldn't be happier with all of your fabulous advice! THANK YOU! You really know how to reach out and make a girl feel welcome!
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