October 12, 2010

McCall's 7377 - A Zip-Up Dress with.....a Knitted Sweater

As I mentioned last week, I made a serious haul on vintage patterns. Most are in the shop as I type, a few yet still to upload. And that was very hard for me, because I loved them all and wanted to keep them all. I limited myself to keeping two. That's some serious restraint if I ever knew it. Serious.

Funny enough, I kept this little number. I liked the dress well enough. It's cute and stylish, but I've never seen a sewing pattern that came with a knitted number and instructions for how to knit it. I'm fairly new to vintage patterns, so saying I've never seen this before may not hold alot of weight. Still, I've never seen this in my my sewing experience period. But I looooove it! I especially the pea green color on the model here. And I really want it. But I don't know how to knit....

So, for all of you knitters out there, where would you start? I am by no means saying that this sweater should be one of my very first projects. Ha ha ha. I'm saying as someone who's never knitted a single knot, what do I do first? Any book recommendations? What sort of project should I start out with? What kind of needles do I get? How many needles do I get? Do I start with chunky, medium or thin yarn?

I've heard of Ravelry. It's an overwhelmingly beautiful site, but I'm looking for something more direct. A book that says, you'll need this and this to get started. This is the first stitch to learn. Blah, blah, blah. Tell me too, where did you learn to knit? What is the best part about knitting? What should I anticipate? Is it hard? And why is knitting so great?

Input please. I'm in dire need. Someday, I WILL make this sweater. In pea green yarn, no less.
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