October 3, 2010

A Look Back at Self Stitched September

Yeah, it's now October. Whewwwww! I have really loved participating in Self Stitched September, but I am glad that I won't be having to take a picture everyday. There were some missed days, I'll admit, but not that many really. I'm actually pretty proud of myself. Thank. You. Very. Much.

I've noticed a few things. I noticed that my photos got better. Taking a photo everyday really helps you get to know your camera better. And its fun, trying out new poses and such.

It's been fun getting dressed everyday too. I loved putting together new outfits, wearing things over again, combining different colors and shoes and accessories, experimenting, etc. It's really fun to show and tell, give inspiration and the like. Love, love, love that! And of course, I loved perusing other's and their photos and self stitched outfits/garments. That has been simply delightful.

I also noticed that I have a lot of onesies. I'm not talking about the baby garment either, I'm talking about having 1 item and trying to coordinate that item within several different outfits. I don't like the idea of being bound to one outfit with any particular garment, however I've noticed that I never even attempt to sew outfits. This I'm actually going to work on. That way, I don't end up with white elephants, like that really cute white jacket that never goes with anything from Day 12. I've also noticed that I need more basics. I have a lot of self stitched clothing that is colorful and fun to wear. All seem to be statement pieces that don't coordinate well with anything but neutrals and all of my neutral items were store bought. Go figure. I guess I just don't like the idea of sewing something that's boring. But then this gets back to my idea of sewing outfits. If I sew an outfit together, then I can coordinate more prints and such that actually go together rather than only wearing neutrals with everything.

I need more casual clothes. Casual clothes that are fun. I noticed that on the weekends I wore jeans and a self stitched top. Not to mention, I have but one pair of good jeans. So those were the ones you saw in every weekend photo. Boring. I need some more spice on the casual end of things. You know, something I could wear out on the town, or even to a movie with Mr. S.

I need more pants. And pants scare me. But now I have this cool book. So more pants are definitely on the docket. Tons more. Especially for Fall, cause it gets real cold here. Very, very excited about pants. Maybe even a pants sew-a-long??

I do think this idea of wearing a self stitched garment everyday for a month was rather ingenious. I do. I'm so happy to have participated in it. For me, it also brought up this very good idea of showing you daily outfits on a regular basis. It's not everyday that I feel glamorous and fabulous, but there are days when an outfit really stands out and I feel superb wearing it. And it's probably something that you need to see.

So, what are your thoughts on Self Stitched September? Even if you didn't participate, what did you think of everyone's self stitched garments and outfits? I leave you with a rather brilliant quote:

Just around the corner in every woman's mind - is a lovely dress, a wonderful suit, or entire costume which will make an enchanting new creature of her.  ~Wilhela Cushman

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