September 2, 2010

Stitching Spotlights 9.3.2010

For this glorious month of September, I thought it would be fun to feature those who were participating in the Self Stitched September madness. It really is rather wonderful to see those handmade creations being sported in everyday life. For myself, I get all dressed up, make-upped out, freshly pressed for a photo and now, I get to show you what I look like when I really wear something. You know, I get to work, things get wrinkled, the lipstick fades, the hair becomes flat. That's real life, right? Oh if you tell me I'm wrong, I will most definitely feel jipped. Without further adieu, I give you two of my favorites this week:

This is Hillary's beautiful Jenny Skirt. I love the fabric choice here and that green belt just pulls the whole thing together!

And this is Rhinestones and Telephones beautiful Love Dress. Simple, great fabric, lovely fit. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

So, I'm now going to take up needle and thread for my Katherine Hepburn Dress. It's finally time and I have the perfect occasion for it this September, a wedding. Not mine, of course. Mr. S and I are actually legally wed. Some friends of ours will be tying the knot. I found this perfect fabric too. I'll show you in upcoming posts. As I've been busily getting ready to cut fabric, I decided to buy this fit book. I have Adele Margolis book on fit, but wanted a second opinion if you know what I mean. This book does not disappoint. I've seen it on many stitcher's preferred sewing book list and for good reason. This takes the jungle of fitting and puts it in terms that makes you feel like you were silly not to know about it before. It's fabulous! So good in fact, I just bought the pants fitting book and am contemplating the jacket book too. Buy it, you won't be disappointed.

Hope your dreams are stitch filled! Happy weekend!
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