September 19, 2010

Self Stitched September: Days 13 - 18

Nearing the middle of Self Stitched September days has been interesting for me. I'm actually taking more interest in my make-up and hairstyle now. It's been interesting to note that my behavior is much more centered around trying out new looks with my handmade outfits. Almost as if I'm enjoying getting dressed in my self stitched-ness. Imagine that. I really love how it's all going. I actually haven't been through all of my outfits yet. This is strange as I didn't realize that I had quite this much. Well actually, I have quite a bit of Summer items and not too many Fall items. But since it's still reaching the upper 90's here, summery items are necessary.

Here's the run-down of this past week!

This was Day 13.

I can safely say this is my most favorite dress that I have ever made. It was a long list of happy accidents and luckily all of them seemed to have worked. The fabric is superb. It's held up well and still maintains a pretty pungent color. And I love this color on me. And don't my yellow shoes just top the thing off?

Dress - Made by me from Newlook 6674
Earrings - Vera Wang Collection from Kohl's
Bracelet - A Gift from my mother
Shoes - Nordstrom Preview

This was Day 14.

It was rather late when I could take this photo and being as that I tried a setting on my camera that I'm not used to, this was the only photo that turned out. I'm wearing skirt I made from McCall's 5591. This skirt has gotten a lot of wear. It's one of the easiest things to wear and makes for a very cool summer skirt which can be a must for the 100+ degree summers here.

Skirt - made from McCall's 5591
Shirt - Target
Shoes - Crown Vintage
Scarf - Thrifted

Day 15 I took a sick day from work and didn't bother to get out of pjs. So here is Day 16.

Yesterday was a sick day for me, but today, I'm back in action. This outfit was sort of haphazardly thrown together and I actually love the result. It's still quite hot here during the daytime though in the mornings its become rather brisk. This outfit is perfect for this type of weather. The dress was made from two different sewing patterns. The bodice from McCall's 6027 and the bottom is from Simplicity 2724. Slap that on with a thin cardi and a belt and you have a perfect indian summer ensemble.

Dress - a combination of McCall's 6027 and Simplicity 2724
Sweater - Old Navy
Belt - Kohl's
Jewels - Vintage
Shoes - Cole Haan

And now Day 17.

I haven't quite been through all my outfits yet, but I wanted to wear these denim slacks once again. They are super comfortable. They go great for either a casual day or dressed up day at work. And they even look quite good next to a little beat up blue truck. Don't worry, the truck is ours.

Slacks - Made from the Bella Pattern from Burda Style
Sweater - Anthropologie
Tank - Target
Shoes - Miz Mooz
Jewels - Handmade

And lastly Day 18.

This is a blouse that I made a few years ago. It's a great and colorful top that I made for casual wear. It's a from a Built By Wendy Simplicity pattern that isn't even in the out of prints anymore. The number one thing I love about this top is that I lengthened the torso so that it could be tucked into low rise bottoms. I have a fairly long torso so I added a whopping 4 inches to this pattern. Still stops just short of the hips. Crazy.

Blouse - Built by Wendy Simplicity Pattern
Tank - Old Navy
Jeans - Rock and Republic
Jewels - Vintage
Shoes - Miz Mooz

Today unfortunately I'm not wearing any handmade item. It's time for some deep cleaning around here and so I'm in grungies. I'll be back on tomorrow.

Happy Self Stitched September! Can't believe it's almost over.


  1. I love all your outfits!!! That fabric on your first dress is AWESOME!!! I can see you love shoes as much I as do.

  2. You look so summery and fresh! Love the yellow shoes with the purple dress, such a daring combo!
    I agree, I put more effort into my look when there's daily photo shoots. I like your tailgate photo, it looks so natural :)

  3. oh i love all those outfits! the purple and yellow look smashing, i really like the contrasting band on the summer skirt and the jeans are fantastic!! i might have to try making pants again.

  4. Well done for sewing jeans, that's a project I don't think I'd ever attempt! They all look great... I can't believe we're 2/3 of the way through SSS!!!

  5. Outfits are Extraordinary ...They all looks so beautiful ...especially i love the lavender color dress ...Very cute and pretty too...Pictures are natural and stylish too... I like that Bella Pattern a lot ..Blue Sweater looks so sweet on her ..

  6. I can see why you love that purple dress, it's perfect. Really dig your Burda jeans too!
    Two thumbs up!

  7. I love your outfits! You're very very lovely! I wish I could live in your colletion!

  8. Can't tell you how much I enjoyed going through all your back posts! So rare to find a good sewing blog that shows the end product styled and worn! I have a design degree and recently started blogging about things I wear, build and it was great to find a "kindred spirit"! Keep up the awesomeness!

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