September 1, 2010

Self Stitched September Kickoff

So here we are. September. The moment we've all been waiting for. A full month long event filled with days and days of handsewn garments.

As you may well be aware, a rather sweet English girl set this fun up. The point of this is to show off and inspire others with the handstitched wardrobe you've built up over time. After thinking about this for a few months, I've come up with a few ideas. I decided that I wanted to continue my regular blog posts along with a few smatterings of Self Stitched September sweetness thrown in the mix. I'll try to add the specifics like pattern numbers, fabrics and such.

I've decided not to exclude altered garments, as I've found that I don't have a huge amount of clothing to work with. So, you'll see a smattering here and there of clothing that I've bought that I've had to alter in some way to fit me correctly. Don't forget to check out the Flickr Group to see what others have ensembled together. It should be a September to remember! For the participants list, have a look here. I, myself, am rather excited just to be inspired by the looks that everyone will be sporting. If its one thing that's fun to me, its seeing the same garment in a variety of different ways. I'm very excited to be participating and I hope that in some way I can inspire you to participate next time or even oil up your machine and start sewing again.

I'll be back with more fun this month and dare I breathe it.....a GIVEAWAY! I haven't had one of those since Spring. It'll be real good too. Oh you just wait!


  1. I'm so jealous...hopefully by March I'll be able to join in the fun with garments that aren't for kids/husbands/unmentionables. So did you make the blue shirt you are wearing, or is it RTW? If you made it, I'd love to know the pattern! :-)

  2. LOVE the skirt! What a great outfit to kick off Self-Stitched September!!

  3. Very cute. Love the colour combo and especially love your shoes.

  4. That skirt is sensational! Who makes the fabric?

  5. I love the skirt! So excited about this challenge, too.

  6. Love the skirt! You look fabulous as always :) Great colour combination and I'm a fan of those red pumps, too!
    And yay, a giveaway too!

  7. That skirt is so awesome... :-)

  8. Great skirt. Now to be just as creative:)

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