August 5, 2010

Stitching Spotlights 8.6.2010

I've been doing some heavy duty cleaning out, which is why the delayed posts. The latest spritzer upper was going through my jewels. What a mess! I spent two hours unknotting and detangling some 20 odd necklaces. I'm rather terrible with jewelry and throw it all in a box, so it gets tangled and knotted and then I don't wear it. Every few years or so, it's time to clean it up. This time for good.

I made this handy dandy cork board jewel keeper. Rather simple. Bought a frame, some cork board and covered the cork board in blue silk, which matches my bedroom. I've seen this idea floating around the net these days and felt it was such a good idea because it keeps things detangled and you can hang up your jewels for inspiration and to remind you to add that necklace to your outfit on any given day.

I also made the top drawer of my dresser into a jewel keeper as well. The cork board can't hold everything now. I made a blue mat from the same blue silk, cotton batting and printed cotton fabric and put some bias tape around the edges. Easy, easy. Surprisingly, the jewels really don't slide anywhere. And it makes opening this drawer such a treat, kind of like going to a department store and getting some jewels out of the glass case.

I found that my silver pieces needed some real cleaning too. I didn't want to mess with that silver cleaner garbage and so looked up some recipes for homemade silver cleaner online. I had no idea it would be so easy. I lined a bowl in tinfoil. Boiled some water, added that to the bowl. Sprinkled some baking soda and salt in the bowl and Voila! Silver Cleaner. Soaked my silver jewels in that solution for a bit, gave them a rinse and now they are silver again. Ha ha ha! This method works super well, would recommend anytime!

Also considering buying this book. Got the recommendation from Casey's blog and though I have made some of my own jewelry, it's definitely nothing fabulous. I feel I could use a little "training."

I realize this is more of a jewelry spotlight than a stitching spotlight, but hey, us ladies need something to accessorize with them handmade clothes right?

Wishing you a fabulous weekend!


  1. Pretty jewelry collection! Thanks for the tip about silver cleaner, I'd much prefer to make my own non-chemical version too :)

  2. I made something similar for my sister for Christmas but it was for her earrings. It also has hooks on the sides for bracelets and knobs on the bottom for necklaces.


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