July 25, 2010

When Stars Don't Align

Most of the time, when my sewing adventures don't quite work out I don't usually say anything. And I definitely don't show you anything. Usually it doesn't happen that often. I do try to keep a chin up and move on, not get too depressed about ruining an acre of fabric, but this past weekend was different. I was up for making my second, dark colored half slip out of this gorgeous navy blue silk charmeuse I found. And then I thought, "Let's move onto the full version instead." I had tested the pattern, because this is silk you know, not cheap and definitely not worth ruining. Surprisingly for a slip, there were quite a few alterations that needed to be made to the pattern. I felt rather impressed with myself that I took such care in testing the pattern actually.

Then, it was time to move onto cutting the blue silk. I made the mistake of cutting out the bra portion first and then turned my attention to the skirt only to find that there wasn't enough fabric. I had bought the last of the bolt and was rather unhappy with only the yard and a half I got, but I was quite sure I could make the most of it. I determinedly cut out the back portion of the skirt and found that there was absolutely no way to cut out the front. I had purchased this silk from Hancock's and since we have two locations here, I thought I could get lucky and find some more silk at the other location. Of course, they didn't have any. Of course.

the very sad pieces of navy silk

So I came home, empty handed, and decided that the half slip version was going to have to work. I proceeded to cut out the back of the slip from the back I had cut for the full slip and again found that there was not enough fabric for the front half, even though this was the half slip. I tried cutting it out anyway, a little off grain, thinking this wouldn't matter much. Ha ha ha. After cutting out the front and finding that it hung completely wrong, I'm here to tell you, I've completely destroyed an entire yard and a half of beautiful silk charmeuse. The loveliest part is that I've cut it up into little pieces that couldn't possibly make their way into anything else garment wise.

It's a pretty sad story, I must admit. There were no tears, which is surprising, but even worse, there is disappointment. Silly, silly girl. Tricks are definitely for people like Houdini. (I know you thought I was going to say "kids" huh. But I'm not a rabbit so what's the fun in that?) Possibly even worse than all this, is that I actually "fff-ed up" on something so silly, a slip. A SLIPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!

Believe me when I tell you, all of us have our moments of utter shame and complete ineptitude on a very easy project. So, if you are having one of those moments, I'm here to say, you ain't alone Sister! I recommend that you bookmark this post for future reference when those moments come along. Just remember, I messed up on a SLIP!

This heart wrenching story has been brought to you by:

  • $16 a yard navy blue silk charmeuse, which had the most beautiful purple tint to it

  • a very easy vintage slip pattern

  • Gingher shears, the likes of which you've never seen cut into silk

  • last, but not least, a silly disappointed red-headed girl

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